måndag 19 april 2010

Givenchy - Ange ou Démon

I´ve had a really nice week with my parents. My sister and her husband and the kids come to celebrate his 75 years birthday on saturday and we had a really good time. But, thanks to the volcano on Iceland my parents can´t return home as planned. So they had to book train tickets insetad and therefore they´ll be here until tomorrow afternoon. Now, they´ve gone in to town for a while, so I take the chanse to write a little.

Givenchy´s Ange ou Demon is a really interesting scent I think. Interesting because it´s manage to make it´s name justice (on me). But, never during the same wear. When I tried Ange ou Demon for the first time, I´ve got almost in love and belived that I should own a bottle of it in no time. But, however I tried it again and that time it didn´t smelled good at all on me. Later on I´ve got a sample of it, and realised I used it quite frequently, until the last remaining when it happened again, I didn´t like it, it smelled not good at all!

8 times of 10 Ange ou Demon smells really good and also interesting on me. The opening is both warm and rich but also fresh with notes of tangerine and saffron. The heart notes brings sweetness from ylang ylang and some kind of sticky notes, maybe from the orchid, But sticky notes that I like and not at all prominent. Together with a soft lily note it makes me think of pearls, lipsticks and powder. Notes of oakmoss occurs and contribute with a deep to the scent and also a dusty feeling. During this phase of Ange ou Demon I get both a very feminine feeling, still I think it has androngyn apperance also and probably this scent would work on some men as well.

When Ange ou Demon behave this way on me I almost forget about that I don´t like it from time to time. This is a really pleasant and personal scent. The heart notes are sweet, but with some crispy scent, maybe from the flowers and more complex than most "mainstream" fragrances. Still, it´s quite linear but things are going on under the surface. Smelling it up close I first sense a scent of soft, crispy and yet, powdery florals, beneath there is lipstick, vanilla and sweetness and deepest down I can smell oakmoss lingering together with perfumed rosewood. Ange ou Demon is quite longlasting and the basenote is warm, sweet and filled with vanilla, rosewood and cozy tonka bean.

But... occationally when I wear Ange ou Demon, the oakmoss becomes so strong and dominant that I can´t stand it. The "bad" times it smells like heavy, strong and large amounts of dusty oakmoss together with a not pleasant sticky note like some strong glue or melted plastic. Those times I usually scrub it of as fast as possible.

Do you have any idea what this can depend on? Do you have any scent that can be almost a favorite some time and a scrubber the other time?

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  1. Ange ou Demon to me is very similar to Hypnose, and slightly similar to Very Irresistible. I don't try the same perfumes many times, so I haven't noticed if the same one smells differently on me - something like that happened just with Boudoir (which I hated first time and absolutely loved the second). I like the smell of I don't know what it is but it's the base of perfumes wuch as Amor Amor Tentation, Ange ou Demon or Very Irresistible - on my skin it leaves this I guess feminine, musky, almost sweaty sillage as the last thing. I like that. Maybe it's oakmoss.

  2. Solocha: It can be oakmoss, maybe together with something else? About Boudoir I was sure to love it and ordered it unsniffed, unfortunatly it was kind of disgusting on me. :P So I swapped it right away. :)