torsdag 22 april 2010

A little bargain!

I´ve bought a lot of perfumes at Tradera (Swedish version of Ebay). But now I usually find my perfumes elsewhere. Ebay is so much bigger and a lot more to chose from. But, now and then I can take a look at Tradera, and that was what I was doing last week.

I stumbled upon a small box with perfumes. Borsari 1870 is most known for their violet scent, Violetta di Parma, but apart from that i don´t know much about this Italian brand. Well, I bid 5 euro and guess what, I won the little box.

Main reason for me to bought the box was that it looked so cute and the small bottles with bright labels and little bows. When the box arrived I looked at the small bottles and thought that I´ve made a bargain, even though I wasn´t interested enough to try any of the scents in it. I put it away in my boudoir.

Then, my youngest daughter wanted an evening scent, and I told her to chose one she didn´t usually wear and she chosen Giglio from the small box. After a while she went "Mmmmmmh" and "Mum, this smells great, like creamy sopa and... hmmm.... olive soap" I sniffed on her wrist, and yes, it was actually smelling quite good. I had to try it myself and instantly realised it was so pleasant that it deserved a review...

But I´m curious to know more about the little box. Is this a cheap souvenire sold everywhere in Parma? has some of you tried any of the scents in the box? My box contains: Giglio, Orchidea, Garofano, Sandalo, Colonia Ambra and Colonia Origano. The labels are very pretty, with bright colors and art deco feeling. I can´t find much information about any of them, but it seem that several of the scents was launched about 1930 and are now discontinued. You might buy the box as vintage retailers, but I can´t find and homepage for Borsari 1870. Whatever, I am quite pleased with my little bargain and I also found that it wasn´t only Giglio that was worth trying...

Pic: From Tradera

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