onsdag 21 april 2010

Simone Cosac - Trama (and a draw)

Much have been said about roses. And, despite that roses aren´t really one of my favorite flowers, still I it touches my emotionally to see roses, real or pictures doesn´t matter. Roses comes in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Some of them has such a strong fragrance and others have hardly any scent at all. The pics above can´t do justice to all the different roses there is, but still they´re beautiful all of them. Roses are maybe the most feminine of flowers. And as with roses, women also comes in all different colors, shapes and sizes. And we´re all beautiful just like roses are.

When I test a perfume with rose I mostly got a strong feeling about the color of the rose. Some perfumes make me think of red roses, others are pale pink or golden yellow and even sometime almost as black as velvet. Unfortunatly, a lot of rose perfumes can´t make this magnificent flower justice. But, I do have some favorites: L'Artuisan´s Safran Troublant, Parfumerie Generale´s Brulure de Rose, Keiko Mecheri´s Loukhoum and Etat Libre D'Orange´s Rossy de Palma.

And, now I´ve got a new favorit among roses. Simone Cosac´s Trama. Trama is the second scent from simone Cosac, I´ve wrote about her first scent a while ago: http://perfumenerd.blogspot.com/search/label/Perle%20di%20Bianca

Trama and Perle di Bianca has some similarities, they´re both scents with high quality and luxurious ingrediences. Both have flowers in the leading role and they´re also very feminine both of them. Just like Perle di Bianca, there is something tranquil and serene in Trama. Therefor Trama is a worthy follower.

Despite the many similarities, there are also a lot of differences. While perle di Bianca is a lush, creamy and saturated floral, Trama is another kind of floral. The topnote of Trama is utterly delicious. It´s like a very light note of tight rosebuds together with, and dominated by, the rich green rose stems, leafs and thorns. Trama´s opening smells exactly like when you´re opening a bouqet of roses, still cold and the flowers still don´t have much of a smell but the greenery has a very typical green scent, something reminding a little of citrus fruits and lively freshness. The rosebuds of Trama are pale pink with some whipped cream color. Rosebuds for a little curly princesse in pink...

I´ve got a dab sample of Trama, but still the wonderful green, crips opening lasts about half an hour on me, even though the scent of rose becomes more and more obvious. And this is a beautful and different interprention of rose. A mild, but slightly spicy note occurs, close to the spicy smell some roses has natural, but in Trama created with pink and black peppercorns, and it smells very genuin and natural. In my imagination, the rose in Trama has become another kind of rose, now it is a rose close to full bloom, a delicate, but strong pink kind of rose. Fresh, transparent, soft yet warm and saturated.

This phase of Trama is also longlasting, but after a while new notes are showing. Something I first think of as black currant, warm, fruity but very discrete. After a while I realise it´s the scent of an perfect sunripe peach. I didn´t know, until now, that peach and black currant can smell so similar.

When the note of peaches shows, Trama is developing again, now it become a golden red rose vibrantly in full bloom. Aromatic, sensual and very feminin. Notes of patchouli, amber, benzoin and peru balm makes a vibrant backdrop to the still gorgeus rose. I can´t smell any geranium in Trama, a note common in many rose perfumes. Instead, jasmine and tuberose works together to deepen and strenghten the scent of rose, which is made in a very elegant and seamless way.

The basenote is warm, golden but also fleeting and light, even though quite strong notes are used. Patchouli and cedar makes a comfy woody and sensual base, but very subtle not accentuated.

I recommend Trama to everyone that likes sensual, feminine scents, aspecially to those of you that likes roses, no matter if you prefer real or perfumed roses, I´m sure Trama will satisfy you. Trama is a little more quiet then Perle di Biance, but a quiet little masterpiece that is.

I´ve got two small (1,5 ml) samples of Trama. If you leave a comment I include you in the draw. I´ll draw two winners on monday morning 26/4. The contest is also on my Swedish blog, but it´s two samples not four. Good Luck!

Pics: On top both roses from Flickr, bottom rose painting by Anastasia

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  1. I never heard of Trama before. I would very much like to be included in the draw. :)

  2. Ines: I don´t think the line has any distribution outside Italy yet, but I really hope they will be easier to get soon. Both Perle di Bianca and Trama is such beautiful scents.

    Of course I include you in the draw. :)

  3. Like Ines, I've never heard of Trama, either, but I'd love to try it. I love roses, so it would be nice to try it up next to some of the others I enjoy.

  4. Yes, this line is also new to my ears. By the way, I also respond to roses (and other flowers) emotionally. Especially, yellow roses bring back my childhood and old types of flowers (tagettes, pansies, small carnations) are so nostalgic - they remind me of the world when my mum and grandma were young or children.
    I'd like to be included in the draw.

  5. Diana: Simone Cosac´s perfumes are quite new and unknown, but they are really good so i hope they´ll soon become easier available.

    I include you in the draw.

  6. solocha: I love flowers of all kinds and this time of year is so exciting with all the plants starting to grow in my garden. :)

    Of course I include you in the draw.

  7. Mmmmmmmmmmm, this perfume sounds delicious. I like the rose strong&heady, but I'm open to all sorts of different interpretations so I'd love to be included in the draw.

    P.s. I have only recently found your blog and I enjoy it very much! It's nice to see more European bloggers out there :)

  8. Katarina: It is so lovely and both time-and ageless. :) Of course I include you in the draw. Nice that you found my blog.

  9. Good Morning! I read this post now, and am completely in love with the perfume TRAMA. But I think it will be discontinued. I'm suffering ... Do you know of any other scents that look like TRAMA? Thank you very much in advance. Priscila Chequer