onsdag 7 april 2010

Lorenzo Villoresi - Musk

When I was sure that I´ve understan Lorenzo Villoresi´s perfume making style, there was this little scent Musk showing up! because I´ve learned to respect the strenght in many other scents from villores I tried it on my vrist with only the lightest spray. And I smelled... and... huuu... and smelled and... haaa? Where is it??? Aaaah... mmmm... there.

This was a big surprise (or a small) and when I realised that Musk was entirely different from the others I´ve tried from Villoresi I asked my husband to smell on my vrist. It´s quite strong he said. OK, I guess I´m partly anosmic for Musk, but that doesan´t mean that I don´t like it, cause I do!

Musk starts off with fragile, foggy and light notes of flowers. Almost like a bouquet of dried roses that has been forgotten on a shelf for a long time. A weak scent of dry paper, dried flowers and a littlest hint of something dusty (but, in such a good way, some dust in perfumes is mostly interesting I think), and some spcies that long ago lost most of their strenght.

This might sound negtiva, but it isn´t, it´s really interesting I think. And it sure smells good. The flowers in this scent is mostly roses, and usually I´m a little picky when it comes to roses in perfume, but these roses don´t remind me of any other roses I know of in perfume. I know many of you have problems with the kind of rose scents that reminds about pot-purri, and this is something like this, but still a very interesting, complicated and unique scent. Besides the dry notes, there is also something cool, even remindning a little about ice cream in it. Beneath the rosy surface I know there is musk, even though I can only smell it very fainth, but I know it is there.

This is the scent that people that are skeptic against musk scents should try! To compare it with some more well knowned musk I have to compare it with Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan, this is like MKKs new born baby sister, clean, innocent and soft, but still you can tell they are related!

During the base note, the scent of musk are stronger, but still very subtle on me. Musk is all the way a very soft, gentle and comfy kind of scent. Musk scents are supposed to smell a little like your skin but better, and Musk isn´t an exception. But Musk brings, not only the warm, golden musk base but the scent of almost transparent dried roses are also there. It is a smell like a sensual body and dreamed about flowers. And it is all the time more sensual, dreamy and soft then erotic. This may depend on the fact that I -probably- only smell parts of the scent.

If you´re interesting in musk scents, you must give tjis a try. And for sure, if you´re usually not much for musk in perfumes. This little soft musk plays in it own field.

Despite the subtile character this is a longlasting scent, I alsways likes when a scent I put on at evening still lingers on my skin the next morning.

I know many of you either likes musk a lot or not at all. What is your fav musk fragrance? When do you use more powerful musks like MKK and when do you prefer the softer one´s?

Pic: Hopper

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