måndag 1 mars 2010

Thierry Mugler - Alien Liqueur de Parfum

When my samples and minis of all different kinds of Aliens and Angels arrived I thought Alien Liqueur de Parfum would be my new favorite. That didn´t happen, but now I slowly learn to like it more and more.

I think my reaction partly depends on the fact that I really like original-Alien. It has a clear, hightuned, synthetic brightness that is like an olfactory but very pleasant electric chock. Alien Liqueur de Parfum don´t have that ability. Liqueur de Parfum is like an opera singer that no longer are able to catch the higest tunes, or something spotlessly clean that starts becoming a little dirty or a sheer beauty that has start to whitter. For start I think of this as something not as good as the original, but now I´ve start appreciate the different nuances a little more.

Liqueur de Parfum isn´t as high, bright and shiny as Alien, but on the other hand it has a wider approach. It´s darker, woodier and the floral notes seem to be a little more complex. well, yes I have to admit I like this to, not so much that I´ll need a bottle of it, but enough to really like testing it.

Alien Liqueur de Parfum is a must try if you find original-Alien to be to sharp, edgy and screamy. Maybe if original-Alien is like pavarotti, Liqueur de Parfum is more of the Lady Gaga-version. And as you realise, still pretty much an attention seeker!

In Liqueur de Parfum the alcohol notes are NOT as strong as in the original. Or at least, they feel more blended, like rhum mixed with sugar and a hint of soapy lime (lime smells a little soapy, don´t you think?). The floral notes has some cherry smelling heliotrope I think. And the woody notes are warmer, darker and more prominent than in the original, and this is the part that makes me like Liqueur de Parfum so much. Together with the woody note I can also smell creamy vanilla and dark sugar.

Liqueur de parfum is more down to earth than the original. I think this would make it easier to like to a lot of people. Just as the original it has good lasting power and sillage, maybe a little more discrete though.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Annelie. Sounds like one I'd need to try, especially because of the heliotrope. Yum.

  2. pitbull friend: I hope you´ll like it. :)