onsdag 24 mars 2010

Bond No 9 - Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue

Both me and my husband has a weak spot for chinese lanterns. The first one, we bought in Amsterdam and now we got tree different ones. I´ve realised they´re not that popular for everyone, and our middle daughter (she paints and draws all the time) hate it when the whole house has (as she calles it) porno-light.

But what on earth does red (but we got a black and a wine red one also!) lanterns has to do with Bond No 9's Andy Warhol, Lexington Avenue? That´s mostly beacuse I think that Lexington Avenue actually are "Chinatown by Night".

Coney Island, which I wrote about yesterday, isn´t the only scent from Bond No 9 that has surprised me. Chinatown also turned out to be a surprise. I had expected a much more lively scent, but what I got was a calm, meditative and comforting scent. And when I tried Lexington Avenue it is Chinatown, but with loud volume.

It´s more of fruits and berries, more spices and sweetness, and a little higher speed as well. Lexington Avenue is a happy, strong and sexy evening scent. And something in it remind me of Swedish hot and spiced wine (glögg). Which of course contributes to the fact that i think Lexington Avenue would be an excellent scent during late autumn and december. But this time of yesr, when winter goes towards spring it is a little to much.

Lexington Avenue also remind me a little of Shiseido´s Feminite du Bois, but much sweeter, louder and even more vulgare. It doesn´t bother me, but lexington Avenue doesn´t manage to become one of my favorites among Bond No 9's scents, even though I think it´s very nice.

Lexington avenue has a grand sillage, but not as good lasting power as one can expect considering how expensive the fragrances from Bond No 9 are. This doesn´t mean that it´s shortlived, it still last for about 6 hours on me.

Do you have any favorite from Bond No 9?

Pic: Khaosan

3 kommentarer:

  1. Chinatown, Lex Avenue and New Harleem are my Bond favorites (all winter scents for me).
    Btw, to me Chinatown and Lex avenue smell the other way around. Lexington Av is like a more subdued version of Chinatown. :)

  2. Ines: I like New Harleem to, but my favs are Chinatown, Silver factory and from now one, Coney Island.

    On me Chinatown becomes a very calm and slow scent, I know it´s very strong on some, but not on me.

  3. True, on me Chinatown seems to come alive, but on my friend, it smells like sth completely different.