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Profumi delle Cinque Terre

Imagine that you can buy localy produced and/or inspired perfumes in any country? In most countries that isn´t possible, but in Italy you in fact can do that.

Italy seem to be a country where local and regional specialites are taken cared of in a very special way. There are several little towns or regions with their own local perfume brand. Profumi delle Cinque Terre is one among many. The perfumes from Profumi delle Cinque Terre helps me to escape the Swedish winter for a while and makes me dream of Italy...

A picture can say more than a thousand words and isn´t the region of Cinque Terre extremly beautiful? It was one of the places we planned to visit during our trip to Italy, but our car broke down before we ever got there. Cinque Terre means five grounds and the five grounds of Cinque Terre is Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

Thanks to the perfumes from Profumi delle Cinque Terre is can imagine that I am there for a short while. You can read more about the perfumes here: http://profumidellecinqueterre.com/index2.htm

Profumi delle Cinque Terre offers four different scents: Fiordalisa di Porto Venere, Tentazione di Fico, Agave and Respiro di Risacca.

When trying the scents I got a feeling that the different scents represent the different seasons. It is like the scents invite me to take part in the seasons changing in Cinque Terre.

Fiordaliso di Porto Venere is inspired by a special kind of corn flower only growing in a small local at Cinque Terre. Some of the notes are violet leafs, rose, karo karounde and pink pepper. This manage to create a fresh, crispy and light scent with soft floral feeling. Fiordaliso di Porto Venere is somewhat cooling and for me it´s the scent of spring. The landscape is green, little creeks are purling and sheer flowers are blossoming among the cliffs.

Tentazione di Fico is warm, aromatic and woody. Fig tree has the main role, but are accompanied by herbs, jasmine and black currant. This gives a saturated, milky and concrete scent. Tentazione di Fico is the scent of summer. Warm sea, the air is filled by scents of lavender and herbs and the cikada´s playing...

Agave become my favorite among the four scents. With notes of rhum, rhubarb, safron and labdanum it makes a warm, golden impression. A little similar to other more well knowned safron scents, but still unique. It is both brisk and full, warm and soft, exiting but also very comforting. Agave tells me about the autumn. The air is still warm but clear, dried grass and herbs spread an aromatic scent and everything is going a little slower.

Respiro di Risacca is an aquatic sea scent. And it´s a wild, cold and stormy sea that´s got captured in this scent. I think the top notes got some really cool mint which makes me think of a windswept winter sea. Of course, this is the scent of winter. The beautiful landscape is partly hidden in milky fogg and in every breath you can feel the cold from the close by sea.

This four scents are really pretty and lovely. Above all I like what they stands for, taking care of local and regional knowledge, beauty and the little things that differs. I belive it´s really hard to find this kind of lacal perfumery any where else than in Italy, at least not in this extent.

At least now I know what I will buy when I finally get to Cinque Terre in the future, my very own bottle of Agave.

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