torsdag 4 mars 2010

Simone Cosac - Perle di Bianca (and a draw)

In only a few days it´s time for the annual Oscar award ceremony. And, so much more glamorous than the Oscar ceremony it can´t be. Personally I think watching all the stars in beautful creations is almost as interesting as who got the prices. And of course I use to think about what kind of perfumes they wear to those super stunning outfits.

One thing with those kind of big gala parties is that the guests got goodiebags. A "small" gift filled with surprises for the guests to enjoy. Last year it sure was a lot of good things in the goodiebag, among others the pefume I´ll write about today... Perle di Bianca.

Perle di Bianca is created by Simone Cosac Naify, a brasilian now living in Florence, Italy. Simone was inspired by the noble women Bianca Capello´s (1548-87) life and also her beautiful Italian villa, Villa La Tana.

Perle di Bianca is a grand, magnificent and splendid floral scent. It´s both classic and glamorous and well suited for todays Hollywood stars. But even better, I think it would be on the glorious divas of Italian films such as Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and why not our Swedish Anita Ekberg ( she was really big in Italy, thanks to the movie La Dolce Vita). These sensual and well-formed ladies would wear Perle di Bianca perfectly.

When I wear Perle di Bianca I think about a shining, beautiful and white flower of some kind. Perle di Bianca is a scent that took a good while to develop on the skin. It´s like a flwoer that very, very slowly goes from bud to full bloom to eventually lousy. At first Perle di Bianca is a classic white floral, almost stunningly notes of neroli, this is a svent you wont need much of. The scent it self is warm, white, sharp and high tuned.

As I said, you have to wait a while before the entrance of the heart notes, and now it gets more modern and intriguing. Notes of blackberries gives both a sweetness but also a certain freshness that feels very comfy and nice. Suddenly it´s like the white flower is shifting color, strokes of light lavender and icy pink occurs. But then, among floral notes and blackberries I notice a vague but unmistakable note of bitter almond. Now the flower even got some delicat green elements.

This is a perfume to tribute the beauty of slowness in our lifes. A perfect scent if you want to practice some mindfulness.

Since I have focused on the notes of blackberry and bitter almond, I almost missed that the neroli blossom giving way to iris. Now it´s time for another phase. Perle di Bianca is a scent that develops a lot from start to end, but slow, quiet and very refined. Despite of the iris I don´t find Perle di Bianca to be particulary powdery, it´s kind of more like the scent of real flowers than powdery flowers.

Among the basenotes there is myrrh and I wonder if it can help the iris not to become so powdery? Anyway, Perle di Bianca is a radiate, beautiful and comfy white floral. Medium silage and good lasting power. As a scent I think it succed to capture the Florentian spirit as well as the feeling of white pearls.

Perle di Bianca also offers a range of bath-and body products and you can read more about Perle di Bianca here:

I happen to have two little nice spray samples of Perle di Bianca in nice, white organza-pouches. Leave a comment if you like to participate in the draw (write that you are eneter the draw). Two winner (both here and the Swedish blog) will get a sample each. I will draw the winner through next thursday 11/3. Good Luck!

And we´ll wait and see what there is in this years Oscars goodie-bags? Maybe some perfume to write about...?

Besides that there will be quite a big deal about Italy here. France may be the biggest perfume country, but I wonder if Italy is the country where more things are happening?

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  1. wonderful review! please add me to your draw

  2. I never heard of this before. Please enter me so I might get the chance to try. :)

  3. OOOh . I would love to try this , I particularly have fond memories of my trip to Florence .
    I have never heard of this fragrance !!
    Thank you for the lovely review .

  4. I think France has the tradition, there are more classics, bigger variety and original perfumes, Italy slightly more into niche and experimenting with the local resources. As for the fragrances itself - well, Italian ones are like the country - more opulent, more sunny and rich. But, of course, I cannot generalise.

  5. Sou8nds like a wonderful scent -- please add me to your draw!

  6. Ooh! Please add me to the drawing! I would love to try this (and have never heard of it before).

    By the way, is there a way to subscribe via email to your blog, so that I can automatically receive new posts via email? I really love these articles...

  7. The "beauty of the slowness in our lives" wonderfully put... need some of that now. Please enter me in the drawing and off to find out more info on this...

  8. All of you above: You´re in. And this is truly a beautiful piece of perfume. I hope they´ll present some new interesting scents soon... :)

  9. Gator Grad; I´m not sure how to subcribe to this blog, but I think you have a button that sauýs "Follow" on top of the page...?

    Saudades!!!! Beijos.......
    Marízia Ribeiro, Buenopolis MG

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