onsdag 3 mars 2010

Serge Lutens - L'eau Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens has been knowned for his (and still are) heady, strong, complex, dark and mysterious orientals. There was a time when the perfumistas all over the world was stoked before the release of a new perfume from Serge Lutens. This time has past.

The perfumistas started to "wish for" some scents from Serge Lutens without all the curry stewed fruits, horror musks and intriguing arabesques filled with heavy oriental spices and woods... and well, it seem that they´ve got what they wished for.

At first there was Nuit de Cellophane, a clear, light and comfy floral. I didn´t think it was very interesting, but still I tried it several time, it was after all a Serge Lutens, and I thought I finally would discover the hidden mysteries in it. But I didn´t. Nuit de Cellophane aren´t anything but a nice floral.

L'eau Serge Lutens follow in the same foot steps. But, if Nuit de Cellophane at least are a nice scent, that is more than I can say about L'eau Serge Lutens. In the pressrelease it´s stated that L'eau Serge Lutens is created to be a kind of anti-scent, a reaction against an overly scented world. It´s strange that a perfume guru makes that kind of statement, and it´s hard to figure out if it is lack of self-critisism or the other way around, an actually quite fun and ironic self-distance. I do hope it´s the later.

My problem is that I don´t think of L'eau Serge Lutens as an anti-scent. It´s in fact very noticeable and not at all what I expect from an anti-scent, whitch in my opinion should be some kind of smoth and soft skin-scent. No, to my nose, L'eau Serge Lutens is a fresh, sporty and strong. It has a powerful sillage and is anything but discrete. That it should smell particulary newly showered I don´t think either, there is other scents doing that better.

On me, L'eau Serge Lutens is like I´ve sprayed a lot of after the gym fresh kind of scent, something like Adidas could have done. I don´t think it´s fulfil what to expect as a scent from Serge Lutens, neither what to expect due to the pressrelease.

For me, L'eau Serge Lutens is a big no.

So please, Serge, stick to what you and Christopher Sheldrake are doing so great, magnificent, beautiful, dark and mysterious orientals. Give me more of curry stewed fruits and strange orientals rather than clean, fresh and stated minimalistic creations.

Pic: Pawin.com

2 kommentarer:

  1. I'm with you all the way, Rebella, on this one. I smelled it, and all I could think was: "Good heavens-- he's remade L'Eau d'Issey." And that is a bad and very unnecessary idea. You're right-- he should stick to wht he's good at...

  2. The Left Coast Nose: Yes, I can´t at all figure out why Serge Lutens The Great decided to release such a scent!? I was feeling very uncomfortable all the time it lasted on me, and of course (as always the case) it´s extremly longlasting! :0