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Björk & Berries - White Jasmine EdP

Today, I will write about another pleasant note, namely jasmine.

More exactly the Swedish brand Björk & Berries eau de parfum, White Jasmine. Mainly, Björk & Berries are specialised on making wonderful skincare products. Many of their products have a Nordic style, both in design and scents. Björk & Berries offers for example skincare products with the scent of lingonberry/rose, clodberry/jasmine, wild strawberry and blueberry/lavender. Apart from skincare Björk & Berries also offer four different eau de parfums, White Jasmine, Patchouli Man, Patchouli Woman and Cedar Lime. You can read more about Björk & Berries and their products on their very nice homepage:

There isn´t any other note that have the same ability as jasmine to evoke an enchanted, mystical and suggestive mood I think. A well made jasmine scent takes me to enchanted realms populated by fairytale figures. White Jasmine isn´t an exception.

As the name suggest, White Jasmine is a "white" scent, if you by white means clear, clean, crispy, even a little cold, but also delicious and kind of high tuned. At once, when i try White Jasmine for the first time I´ve got associations to midsummernight sun, or more specifik, the white nights you can experience in Northern Sweden during midsummer and the weeks around that time.

I have seen real midnight sun, when visiting Northern Norway and Kiruna (situated in the very Northern parts of Sweden). But, where I came from, Boden, we don´t have any true midnight sun, by the mean of the sun being over the horison during night. The sun sets, but just for a very short while, leaving the night in a white, pale state of dusky dawn for a few hours until it rises again, about 1 or 2 in the morning.

These pale nights gives an enchanted mood, even though I never reflected about it as a kid, I think it´s quite beautiful and special nowadays when I´m visiting my home town during midsummer.

It´s this pale, fragile light that White Jasmine makes me think about. Fairy dance. Fog over the marshes. Figures among the trees with their backs turned against me... was it for real or only in my imagination?

But, White Jasmine is also a happy and purling scent, it´s purling and bubbles on my skin like an alpine creek or a clear coldwater well. White jasmine are on the border to being a soliflor, but gets some support from bergamot and ylang. The top note smells fresh and a little berry, like mineral water flavored with some kind of berries. I belive that the jasmine thanks to bergamot avoid being a little sleepy, as some jasmine frags tends to. It hasn´t got that stale character some other jasmine scents got.

The jasmine scent in White Jasmine is pretty much dominant, but convincable, clean but also interesting. I can sense some coniferus, soil, berries and an extremly pleasant scent of suggestive jasmine. White Jasmine is such a pleasant scent, a must try for every jasmine lover.

White Jasmine is made with 100% natural ingrediense, so this is a pretty soft scent, the sillage is gentle, but noticable. And the lasting power is really good for an all natural scent, I can feel the last remainings of the base note after about 8 hours. I love to wake up in the morning to discover the little traces of yesterdays perfume still lingering on my skin. Together with the bodyproducts with cloudberry/jasmine scent, you can layer White Jasmine and make it a little stronger. I love the coludberry/jasmine scent, even though the jasmine is pretty dominant in it, I can at least smell some cloudberries, lovely!

I like the toned down and Nordic style of Björk&Berries, and their eau de parfums (at least White Jssmine) are very affordable.

But I wish for an even more Nordic approach, why not let cloudberries be a note in one of their eau de parfums also? At the same time I realise that skincare products are their main orientation and that the fragrances are a small, but pleasant compliment. But, in my imagination I can dream about small bottles of eau de parfum with scent of cludberry, lingonberry, wild strwaberry, archipelago, alpine marshes and spruce forest, maybe intended for layering with White Jasmine? Well, I can imagine a lot opf things in my perfumaniac mind.

Another nice thing, is that Björk&Berries actually was a part of this years Oscars goodiebag! It seem like they´re in full progress and when it comes to scented products and perfumes I´m a little bit patriotic, since we´re not spoiled with that sort of things in Sweden.

If you could wish for a Nordic inspired scent, preferably quite simple in style, what would it be?

Pic: Thoughts of Greener Pastures by Jo Barry

(I suggest you check out the amazing paintings of Jo Barry on the net!)

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