torsdag 11 mars 2010

Farmacia SS Annunziata dal 1561 - Ambra Nera

If I want to drink Farmacia SS Annunziata´s Perla and wrap up in Cara, when it comes to Ambra nera I´ll never want to stop smelling it. This is a perfume to move in to. This is a scent that makes me feel bot comfortable and surprised at the same time. Ambra Nera is complex and multi-facetted but also, extremly comfy, soft and warm.

Ambra Nera starts with one of the most animalic notes I ever smelled in an amber perfume. Somewhere in this scent there is a predator hiding. A golden striped tiger camouflaged among flames and shadows of golden ambery light. Ambra nera smells of predator, dangerous and animalic, but also soft, cuddly and erotic. When I first sniffed it I almost made a little happiness dance because of the amazing top note!

When I recognised the animalic note I can smell it all the way through the scent, still I do recommend Ambra Nera even to those of you not so found of animalic scents. Soon it fades away and become more like a nice kitten that have fell a sleep in the sun at the windowsill.

Ambra Nera is so much more then the smell of a tiger. It´s dense, golden, smokey and resinous amber and beautifully lifted by a top note of eucalytus. This is so cool, cause it makes the scent kind of transcluent and active.

This is lighted candles, sweaty bodies, a secret club, big city feeling paired with eastern mystique, incense, henna tattoos, dark eyes and erotic looks...

Excuse me, but Ambra nera almost manage to make Serge Lutens Ambra Sultan look like... well, something not as exciting and perfect when I´ve learned to know Ambra Nera. It is like the (of me made up) belly dancer in Ambra Sultan only was the fore-dancer to the one in Ambra Nera, the one´s that enters stage when all the tourists has return to their hotels. The belly dancer queen in Ambra Nera has a tiger as a pet, while the one in Ambra Sultan has an ordinary cat...

Ambra Nera has a raw, almost sweaty erotic quality, but at the same time laid back, soft and powdery. Some of you might think it is a little to much, but for me it´s perfect. The soft, powdery notes hides the raw and animalic, that maybe are most noticable when sniffing close. Which I of course do all the time, since I´ve got a masterpiece on my wrist.

Maybe it sounds like Ambra Nera is a very demanding kind of scent? But, strangly enough it isn´t. It´s both very sexy and so comfy at the same time. I feel so comfy when I wear it, and still discover new nuances all the time. Do you know what vetiver makes of a base note otherwise consisting of patchouli and amber? A lot of interesting things, it gives the scent a papery dimension while it also manage to calm down the patchouli and make it shows the chocolate aspects of patchouli. I almost think I like the base note the best if it wasn´t for the top note that is so incredible good...

The basenote is like being in a homey, old library and smell old leather bound books and old paper while a piece of dark chocolate slowly melts in your mouth. Do that sound like something you coudl enjoy?

Unfortunatly Farmacia SS Annunziata´s scents are quite hard to find outside Italy! Luckyscent has them, which is soooo good for you if you live in the US. And, Farmacia SS Annunziata´s scents has a very nice price point for being Italian scents. Italian perfumes are wonderful, but I think, sometimes a bit on the pricey side. Not so with Farmacia SS Annunziata. But I wish, they would come in smaller bottles though...

You can read more about Farmacia SS Annunziata here:

Even if Perla and Cara (and several others) are very nice scents, there isn´t any doubt about that Ambra Nera is the one wininng me over totally. Ambra Nera is a perfume, and still it has good sillge and of course good lasting power. I love it from first sniff until there is only memories of it remaining on my skin...

Pic: William Meredith

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