tisdag 9 mars 2010

Farmacia SS Annunziata dal 1561 - Cara

I´ve never been much of a comfort eater, even though I have cravings for chocolate, salt liqorice and quick macaronies some days in the month. But the older I´ve got the less I can eat, when I was younger I could easily eat at least a big 200 gram of Marabou´s chocolate bar (Marabou is the most popular chocolate bar brand in Sweden, If we ever make a swap i can send you some, they are really jummy). Nowadays I don´t eat more than at most 50 gram. And with a very active young dog in the house, you know I should probably need to eat 200 grams of chocolate.

If I´m not much of a comfort eater I am much more of a comfort sniffer. I was one of those kids with a very close relationship to my favorite stuffed animal (Gammelnalle or Old bear), i didn´t go anywhere without my cuddly toy. And when it waas time to sleep, Old bear should be right under my nose so I could smell his inveterate smell. During teenage the stiffed animals was changed to a Palestinian scarf, and I hope your not curious about all that got spilled on that poor scarf? But the worst thing was when my mother decided to wash it just to be nive! Horror! It didn´t at all smell liked it should! I had a name for it too, "Palle". (Short for Palestinian)

The closest i got to a cuddly toy now is my husband. And I´ve got a theory that you chose a partner which smell you like. Otherwise maybe some perfumes will work as a replacement.

Farmacia SS Annunziata´s Cara is such a scent. It consists of the softest almond, swet fudge and smothest vanilla. Some talkum and amber is also there. Just like Perla, this isn´t a complicated scent, but while Perla is uplifting and cherful, Cara is more cuddly, comfy and caressing.

I prefer gourmands when it´s time to sleep. But it has to be a soft, not so sweet or loud gourmand. Cara is perfect, it can´t be much more comfy than this. Cara wraps you up with a smoth, creamcolored softness of almond milk, vanilla kisses and subtle fudgy sweetness.

Otherwise I have to admit it reminds a little in style about Perla, non of them are complex scents that takes a lot of analyse to be familiar with. But still, among almond scents it has become a big favorite for me. Less is more is so true when it comes to some kinds of scents.

Cara is an eau de parfum and has better longvity then Perla and nice sillage. During base note the wonderful almond notes dissapears and left you with a nice, but somewhat boring, vanilla.

But the scent I´ll write about next from Farmacia SS Annunziata is anything but simple. Don´t miss it!

Do you wear perfume when it´s time to sleep? And if so, what kind of scents do you prefer? Maybe you´re getting hungry and have to have a snack if you wearing gourmand scents in bed?

Pic: Flickr (blossoming almond trees)

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