torsdag 4 februari 2010

Agonist - The Infidels

The scent The Infidles is created in co-opeartion with the parfumer Eric Morlado in Grasse, France. Top notes: Black currant, green cumin and bergamot. Heart notes: Magnolia, tonka and lavender. Base notes: Patchouli, amber and labdanum.

The first time I tested The Infidels I was greated by a top note with smokey, rubbery oudh, but I could also smell the bergamott and cumin. But the oudh note took me by surprise, very prominent and more reminding of the oudh in Le Labo than the oudh usually found in Montale. After that The Infidels transported me to a dark, medical and animalic place. I sensed a lot of different animalic notes, harsh musk, rough leather and cat. Everything in The Infidels smells very dense and saturated. More like a very concentrated perfume oil, then a spritzy eau de parfum (which The Infidels are).

I do not feel any magnolia or lavender at all. The heart notes, on my skin, are all about different dirty, skanky and erotic notes. And very strong that is, maybe this is what musk could smell like if it was from wild tigers or Tyranosaurus Rex? I´m glad that the base note offers some rest from the overwhelmingly animalic notes. Still, The Infidels are a very strong scent, but now softened up a little by amber and labdanum.

Time to try it on my husband. Oh? Hmm, well!? He makes it like a condensed version of Guerlain´s Shalimar. It could be a flanker for the original Shalimar or a predecessor, I can also smell some similarities to Jicky. But, The Infidels are much more sticky, raw and, on my husband also, much more animalic. But, on my husband I can snese the notes of magnolia and lavender. But that is a magnolia that hardly keep floating on a surface of dark, deep currents.

Have to try it on myslef again. And now, I can smell the similarity to Shalimar on my skin as well, even though not as prominent as on my husband. But, instead of being killing animalic, it´s now more of killing woody. Now it´s all about sticky resin, warm and dry woods and in such a concentrated form it is fantastic that The Infidels still are running. This time I can also smell soft, aromatic spices, especially cinnamon that is really nice. The base notes isn´t as strong, but also not as soft as last time. This is a strange scent.

My middle daughter and her boyfriend escapes the room when I try to make them smell The Infidels and the poor dog roars a little and hide under the bed. I´m surprised that I can wear this perfume without getting my skin stained or even burned...

The Infidels is a scent that etas you alive. A few drops are all that´s needed to make you enter the secret world of The Infidels for quite a good while, cause this is a scent with incredible lasting power. I think that The Infidels smells partly really good, but it´s really demanding to wear it and I think of it as an interesting scent more than a scent to wear casual. I´ve tried The infidels sevreal times, and it is a fragrances in constant change. It smells partly different each time I wear it. And once again I´ve encountered a perfume that smells much softer and more comfortable on my husbands skin than on mine. He could wear The infidels without problem, but for me it´s the other way around, The Infidels wears me.

The Infidels make me think of: Shalimar, Jicky, Musc Koublai Khan, Musc Ravegeur, Neil Morris Gotham, Dzing!, L'air du desert Marocain and other strong potent scents.

I think a lot about if the people that will buy The Infidels will like the scent? Swedish design is big in Japan, but it´s hard to imagining that The Infidels as a scent will make it in Japan. Also in the US a scent with such strong, dirty animalic notes would be hard to sell I think. Maybe the bottles just ends up as decor in some rather wealthy peoples living room shelfs?

What is your opinion on this kind of art/perfume projects? Would you consider to buy a piece of The Infidels? Why? Or why not?


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  1. Very Interesting, got me sooo curious!
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