onsdag 17 februari 2010

Robert Piguet - Bandit

Imagine that you fell asleep while sunbathing in the garden. When you wake up you´re all covered up with moss, wine and other green scrubs. The likelyhood that such a thing would happen is probably minimal, if you´re not in the south eastern parts of the US. Here, big areas of the landscape has been invaded by kudzu an extremly fast growing and aggressive plant originally from Japan.

Kudzu was brought to US in early 20th century to stop soil erosion. And the circumstances for kudzu was great and since the 50ies it has been looked at as a hard to extinguish weed. Kudzu dresses trees, plants, roads and abandoned buildings and cars with green garlands.

When I´m wearing two drops of Robert Piguets classic scent Bandit (1944) I´ve got the feeling to be dressed in a green armour. This is so dark green that it´s border to blackish, it embrasive, strong, bitter and huge. It´s like the smell of grass, nettle, moss and other herbs have been blown up many times. Bandit is greenery in macro. On me it becomes to much, to bitter, almost suffcating, two drops are almost to much of it.

Except moss and lots of green nettles, Bandit also smells of rough leather and aromatic herbs. Bandit has good sillage and great lasting power. I could take a bath and still be able to smell Bandit afterwords. Bandit is that dominating and powerful that it is as hard to disregard as a hole in a toath or a stone in the shoe. I promse I don´t look as contempt as the lady at the pic when I am surrounded by Bandit...

On the husband, Bandit smells totally OK, it´s not one of his favorites but he tolerates it. As usual it´s likes his skin swallows the worst of bitterness and screaming greenery. No, Bandit sure not become a soft or cozy scent on him, but at least interesting and exciting instead of sharp, suffocating and brisk.

I´ve heard of people that in the middle of bandit being able to find clear and light pureness, but I´m not one of them even though I´ve tried. The basenote is softer then the rest, but still not soft enough for my taste. Still, I think Bandit is worth to try, maybe you´re one of few lucky one´s that are able to find the "eye of the storm" in it.

Otherwise I have to admit that my thoughts have been wondering away from the classics a little. Yesterday I was interviewed by a journalist from the local newspaper. She had found my blog while searching for nerd+Nyköping and I was the NO 1 hit. It was really funny though, we had a good conversation about perfumes and a little this and that (I´m not good to stick to the subject). Maybe I will wake up some sleeping perfumistas thanks to the article!? :)

And, I have been totally captured by a small and soft soliflor! More about that soon. And it will be some Hollywood-glamour on the blog also soon. Really exciting. And those of you that won the drawing of The Infidels-samples, I´ve not forgot you, I´m waiting for my sample vials to arrive!

Tomorrow I´ll go to Stockholm and meet an old friend of mine (that I found through Facebook) and probably I´ll do some perfume-hunting as well...

Pic: Gardenlife

4 kommentarer:

  1. This is a great post-- I love the photo, I love your descriptions! "Bandit" is a cruel mistress, but so worth it in the end, don't you think?

  2. The Left Coast Nose: I hope so at least. :) And on my husband it´s working quite well. However it´s an interesting scent.

  3. I'm curious - is this the vintage or the relatively current? I love the current; I haven't gotten my hands on the vintage one yet, but I definitely want to.

  4. ChickenFreak: This is the current. I haven´t tried vintage-Bandit.