onsdag 10 februari 2010

Caron - Tabac Blond (extrait)

Finally I´ve dare to test Caron´s classic Tabac Blond. Among the classic perfumes still in production, Tabac Blond could be the most loved, at least among perfume lovers. When it first released in 1917, it was the first scent for ladies with leather note.

Now I´ve tried Tabac Blond for a little less then a week. the first time I used it I still has that cold and was not sure that I get the scent right. It wasn´t really as I expected... or it was to much what I´ve expected. No, no I wasn´t at all sure.

I´ve been both frightened and agog to try Tabac Blond. What if I don´t get it? Or if it as good as every one else thinks.


Yayaya! It´s really, really good! But it is almost too good... but not in the way I was expecting!

Tabac Blond could be the perfume of all the perfumes. To me, Tabac Blond smells archetypic. In some magical way it manage to blend together every piece that makes a scent good and mix, masterly, it in only one scent. Timeless, classic, elegant and still so friendly that most people would feel greeted by it.

On me, Tabac Blond, starts with lots of carnations, and despite that carnation is a quite frequent used note in perfumes, I´ve never cared so much about them... but now... wow... that carnations can smell that good. So beautiful, warm, floral, but still interesting. On me, the note of leather is in the background all the time. It is there, but discrete, like oily well-used old leather, more like a worn out favorite saddle than a rough leather jacket. All notes in Tabac Blond are really well mixed together and no one seem to dominate, all supprot each toher to a smoth, warm, sensual soft wholeness. But not at all to soft or wimpish, there is more than enough of edge and charisma in Tabac Blond to seduce even to most dainty parfumistas and epicures.

Tabac Blond on men? Yes please. This is, as I said, a perfume that would suit most people, not beacuse of it´s neautral charm, but beacause of it´s magnificent radiance. I am not that young any more, but I don´t find Tabac Blond to be an old lady scent. I dare anyone to call it that! No, a few drops of Tabac blond could make anyone more beautiful, more daring, more interesting and more elegant. Yes, elegant above all, maybe that´s part of why yesterday celebrities like Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Clark Gable, Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich, Humprey Bogart, Chaterine Hepburn, Grace Kelley, Audrey Hepburn and Errol Flynn was so outmost elegant, while todays celebrities like Beyonce, Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, 50 Cent, P. Diddy and whatever they call them selves are a lot of thing, but not so much elegant, all of them wear perfumes smellling like stale fruity soda pop!

I think of Tabac Blond as a scent that can contribute something to everyone. If Tabac Blond isn´t on your "must try-list" yet, make room for it! And for all of you that have tried Tabac Blond long ago, what in this wonderful scent has catch you? And is it any blog reader out there that have tried it and not being convinced???

Tabac Blond is longlasting, and the basenote is like a golden, warm balm that stays on your skin and warm it up for a long time. I will never been without it this anymore! The dream would be to get my very own bottle directly from one of those gorgeus Caron urns (see the pic).

I will focus on some of the classics on the blog now, so look out if you want to hear about Mitsouko, Bandit and Jicky...

Pic: Taken by a blog reader

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  1. I feel as though I need to keep trying Tabac Blond-- it never *quite* strikes me right, but I do want to keep sniffing it-- hard to explain... I think, like you said, maybe I need to smell it on the right other person, then it will be swoon-worthy.

  2. I've never smelled this - it goes on and off and on and off and on and off my Perfumed Court shopping cart. It's the Something Else To Grieve issue - if I love it, do I want to know? If I don't love it, why both spending money on it?

    So I continue adding and removing.


  3. The Left Coast Nose: Tabac Blond isn´t really my kind of scent, still I liked it at first sniff. But I can sense why it don´t pleases everyone, it is just inches away from becoming all carnations on me...

  4. ChickenFreak: It was the same here, and the problem was solwed thanks to one of my readers... So, now I have this little sample and know that I will need to get more when it´s about to end. So you better watch out. :)

  5. Help please:
    I went to Paris, the summer of 79, and visited the caron shop to buy perfumes for my mother, she used to use fleures de rocaille on special ocasions, and Nuit de noel in really special ocasions, I dared to ask for a fragance for me, and I got TABAC, (or Taback Noir), it was magig, and it was an extract, nicely bottled in a tiny square bottle with a crystal applicator type cap. When I exhausted it, i remember keeping the tiny bottle so I could sniff every once and again.
    When moving back to South America, the item got lost, and I have never seen such a fragance again. Could I have mistaken the fragance name for something else.?? I now wear Yatagan, on special ocasions but the touch that I got from Tabac noir has not match. Can you help me finding out if I am dreaming, of was there a Caron Tabac for men or Taback noir for men?

  6. Hated it on myself; on me, it reminded me of an old Eagles Hall where women of a certain age go to drink and smoke in the same place. But on my boyfriend it is amazing. Go figure.