måndag 22 februari 2010

To find the right perfume.

I belive that most people that read my blog are as interested in perfumes as I am. I belive that most people that read my blog also orders samples from abroad without hesitation and knows where to find cheap, but well knowned perfumes on the net. I also belive that most people that reads my blog have bought one or two perfumes at Ebay. But I belive that people that read my blog quite seldom buy their perfumes at the shops in their home town.

This isn´t for you. No, this is for those of yopu that ends up on my blog by accident and that really think it´s difficult to chose the right scent. And, that want´s only one or maybe two different perfumes. at least for now. And, that makes it even more important to chose the right one!

At first, you might belive that I think that everything you can buy in the perfume shop in your small home town is bad and boring. But that isn´t really true. I´ve got a lot of perfumes that are available in most little towns. But, I have the same problems as everyone else, to know which of them that are really good. Usually I have got tips from some perfume interested friend.

These tips are most aimed to find a perfume in an average perfume shop in a ordinary small town.

Step one: Maybe you got some favorite perfume. The easiest would be to buy another one, but you want something a little different. Then, ask the clerk to show you some perfumes that resembles the one you like. If the clerk can´t do this, go to another shop.

Step two: Maybe you want something totally different from your old fav. And you know what you like, roses, vanilla, warm woods, hot spices or lilly of the valley, mint or cinnamon? Chose one or two notes that you would like your perfume to have and ask the clerk to show you some scents with for instant roses and vanilla.

Step three: Now it´s time to spray the scents on the teststrips. Mark them with the names and sniff. At first you will smell some alcohol, but if it´s still there at second sniff together with something familiar to hairspray, you can leave those test strips. Now you got five left.

Step four: Now you sniff your five strips in order. After about half and hour to an hour the scent is different. Maybe, one or two isn´t so pleasant any more. When you arrive at home, you got three strips left.

Step five: The one´s that left smells actually quite good, but maybe one isn´t as good as the other two?

Step six: With only two strips left, it´s time to get back to the shop. Now you can test the two remaining on your skin. While walking around the town, which of the scents are you sniffing the most? Maybe that´s the one you should chose? Or maybe you find that you like them as much. Take both, after all it´s years since you last bought a perfume!

Step seven: Maybe it´s now you discover that perfimes are quite expensive. If you dare I recommend you to try to find your perfume on the net. Ebay is a good starting point or one of many places that sells discounted perfumes.

Do you still feel a bit lost and confused? Maybe you can ask for advice on one of the perfume forums? www.fragrantica.com for instant, you will get a lot of advice since perfume lovers like to get aksed about perfumes. But, they can also be a bit confusing since ten perfume nerds will recommend you 87 different perfumes. :P

You´re welcome to ask me if you want, I´ll help if I can.

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