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Parfums D'Orsay - Etiquette Bleue

As you all know I fell a little in love with Parfums D'Orsay´s Tilleul. Even though I had some other perfumes from them to test I thought that non of the others could be as good.

Oh well... One of the others sure is. Unfortunatly, because for me a lot of really good perfumes at the same time are a little more than I can handle and well, if I had to have them all, it will also become expensive. And sometimes I can feel an urge to write something else than praises. I know I´m no good with those bad reviews but if there isn´t anything to write negative about?

There isn´t much negative to say about D'Orsay´s Etiquette Bleue. It could be that it´s so subtle it almost hard to notice it, but in this case this is a part of the scents beauty. Etiquette Bleue was originally created 1830 by Count D'Orsay himself as a love declaration to -the already married-Marguerite de Blessington. The current version has been reformulated 2008 by Florent Leblanc.

Etiquette Bleue starts off with citrus and a note remindning me of tosthpaste and bubbelgum, it could be spearmint, but I suspect it´s actually the rosmary. The toothpaste isn´t lod, only suggested and that makes it interesting for me. After a while the citrus is blenden up with other ariomatic and herby notes and some gentle strokes of rosewood. Everything is airy and light, like if wood coould be fluffy clods and the way it should smell if you can imagine that?

Earlier a reader of the blog wrote that Profumum Roma´s Alba is the perfumes equivalent to a really good nude lipstick, well Parfums D'Orsay is another in that genre. Even though it remind me more of Parfumerie Generale´s Cadjmere, but so much lighter, softer and almost naked. If you can imagine a blend between Alba and Cadjmere with a dash of lemon water and a lot of fluffy cotton, then you start closing in to Etiquette Bleue.

The problem with those really sheer, nude and subdued scents is that I tend to forget about them when I´m not wearing them. Usually I go for more powerful and noisy scents. I use this kind of scents when it´s time for me to go to sleep. And really, I think Etiquette Bleue deserve much better.

Despite it´s delicate approach Etiquette Bleue is really longlasting and the base note is more prominent than the rest of the scent with it´s warm, creamy notes of wood (and moss, even though I hardly can smell it).

Etiquette Bleu is a little like this very shy, quiet and reserved person at a party. The person that sits there quiet and observes rather than enjoy the discussions and taking part in the glam and jokes. But if you just take the time to let this person say something you´ll discover that it´s often very interesting and smart. A person that you really like to listen too if you only discover it. Do that sound interesting I really think that you should try Etiquette Bleue. Also a must try if you like Profumum Roma´s Alba or Parfumerie Generale´s Cadjmere.

Etiquette Bleue is an unisex even though I think it´s leaning toward feminin, but anyway would work well on men. I think Etiquette Bleue could be a perfect summer scent, especiallt if you´re looking for something not so fresh and aquatic.

Have you tried anything else from D'Orsay? Is there another scent from D'Orsay that I shouldn´t miss? I do suspect that they might have other interesting and really nice scents to offer. Parfums D'Orsay is a small perfume brand that´s really deserve more attention than I´ve notice that they got.

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  1. I really love this too and hope to own a bottle .
    it wasn't quie as subtle to me , maybe there is something you are anosmic to .
    Soft and lovely it deserves more love !!

  2. waftbyCarol> I suspect that too, since my husband and kids smells it much more then I seem to do, the same goes for Profumum Romas Alba.