onsdag 24 februari 2010

Thierry Mugler - Angel

Most people use to say that Thierry Muglers Angel is a love or hate kind of scent. Personally I´ve always liked Alien better, but I don´t have anything against Angel... or... It´s actually hard to pinpoint what I don´t really like with Angel. In many ways it´s that kind of scent that I would love, strong, sweet, noisy, different and changing. Still, Angel fail to win me over.

As mention in my post about Alien I belive the two scents could swap names with each other. Angel is so big and heavy that it feels a little like get my skin invaded by aliens. A strange foreign and hostile power is taking over my body. A big black hole eating anything in it´s way, including me. Maybe, thats it, Angel steal so much space there isn´t any room left for me?

I guess it´s a little dated to write about Angel now? But honestly, I haven´t tried it for years, but now I got me a small Angel-and Alien collection on Ebay. So prepare to read about Angel, Alien and all their babies (flankers). I´ve also got A*Men Pure Coffee and A*Men Pure Malt.

Is there anyone out there that hasn´t tried Angel? It has a strange medley of notes with patchouli as a dominant note, but this is a different patchouli. Sweet, fruity, berry and funny. Vanilla, cotton candy and toffee. Some days much to much. Angel can be a mix of deserts from hell stired together. Maybe the creators (Oliver Crespi and Yves de Chirin) had some kind of mega-bulimic episode during this period? They seem to have been more fokused on things with lots of calories than anything else anyway.
That I still kind of like Angel is much thanks to Eau de Star. By using this washy version of Angel I learn to like Angel more, but from some distant. And until now I have thought that Eau de Star is the only Angel-inspired scent I need.

Which is your Thierry Mugler fav? Or maybe you don´t have any? Anyway, I´ve got me a new favorite...

Pic: Allt om vetenskap

4 kommentarer:

  1. I quite like Angel, but I don't desire to won it. But I love the complexity of Alien. I think it's one of those perfumes that is comparable to great classics of the past decades. And can be worn with everything and for most of occasions.

  2. I happen to like both Angel and the Angel Peony/Pivoine version - haven't tried Alien yet though.

  3. solocha, Yes I think Alien is really great. I feel so happy everytime I wear it.

  4. Bloody Frida, I havent tried the Peony version. And you really should try Alien.