fredag 19 februari 2010

Parfums D'Orsay - Tilleul

I found me a little jewel. Is it green? Oh yes. Is it floral? Oh yes. Is it aquatic? Oh yes? Is it warm? Oh yes. Is it simple? Oh yes. Is it a soliflor? Oh yes. Is it complex? Oh yes. Is it aromatic? Oh yes. Is it sensual? Oh yes. Is it fantastic? Oh yes.

The perfume I ramble about is Parfums D'Orsay´s Tilleul. Tilleul is linden blossom (lime blossom) in french. And linden blossom tea and madeleine cookies are quite reputable. Writen about by Marcel Proust and I don´t have anything to add. I can´t hardly remember that I have drink linden blossom tea or eat madeleine cookies. Even though I feel a sudden urge to do so very soon for some reason. :)

Parfums D'Orsay maybe needs a little closer presentation? At least it is a perfume house that have escape my radar until now. But, sometimes it is so much fun to have something left to discover. Parfums D'Orsay is named after the Chevalier D'Orsay a very famous french dandy that lived and loved during the first half of 1900 th century. One of his main interests was to create perfumes...

But, the beautful Tilleul isn´t one of his creation, but a creation of -in our time quite famous nose- Olivia Giacobetti. The house of D'Orsay was brought to life 1995, after a long period of vegetation. The today produced Tilleul is the third in order, and even if perfume lovers usually is skeptic when it comes to re-formulations, non of the before Tilleuls can have been more beautiful than this one! I would go as far as to say that this very well can be the most stunning scent created by Olivia Giacobetti. And I can´t understand why it isn´t mentioned more frequently?

Tilleul starts of with ripe citrus and watermelon, and this isn´t that kind of sweet almost overly ripe kind of melon you find in some scents. No, this is kind of green citruses and green water melon mixed with something else green and crispy... yes, cucumber is also a part of the top notes in Tilleul. Wha? Melon and cucumber, I know some of you frown now. But this is actually really lovely, and soon the smell of melon and cucumber get accompanied by the smell of linden blossom tea -or at least I belive so- and also some other fresh florals.

Despite that I´m not being that familiar with linden blossom, I at once recognise the smell that I interpret as linden blossom. But, even though Tilleul is much of a soliflor it is also stunningly complex and build around several notes since the genuin scent of linden blossom is hard to capture from linden blossom alone. there is also some violet notes in it and some herby notes that I think could be anise and then crowned by the aromatic scent of hay! Well. Tilleul only gets better and better.

It´s everything I wrote above and a little more. It´s timeless and could fit women (it´s rather feminine but of course a man can try it also!) in all ages. I can hardly imagine a more beautful casual scent, and at the same time so soft and peaceful it can hardly irritate anyone.

Generally, some soliflors can be a little to simple and almost boring, but Tilleul isn´t anything like that. Tilleul manage to be both light, comfy, simple but also very complex and interesting if you give it a closer sniff. And it can take to be studied, it smells even better with the nose attached to the wrist! Despite the complexity of Tilleul, it still manage to make me think of it as a genuin interprention of linden blossom.

Tilleul has good sillage and more than good longvity. The dry down becomes warm, aromatic and remind me of dry tea in the pot. Tilleul is also a kind of laid back sensual scent, which I belive isn´t that common in this kind of fragrances. Now, when i wear it in the end of february, it promise me that it will be a spring this year also, no matter a very snowy winter. But, I do belive Tilleul can be nice to wear no matter what season. Shortly speaking, this is a must try! A master piece. Maybe you have allready tried D'Orsay´s Tilleul? Or do you have any other favorite linden blossom scent?

Otherwise I was visiting Stockholm yesterday and held Agonist The Infidels-bottle in my hand. Oh, it was sooo heavy. And really nice and interesting also, much better than the pics. It´s the size of a large perfume bottle and when the girl in the shop open the monter I smelled the scent of The Infidels. If you stop by NK in Stockholm or Gothenbeurg, please go and take a look.

I also stopped by PomPom Parlour, the shop that retails Paul&Joe cosmetics, but unfortunatly they didn´t have the perfumes. But, howvere, they will get them (both Blanc and Bleu) during spring, so I guess I have to visit the shop again.

Yesterday was such a nice day, and when I got back from Stockholm my sample vials (and some other wished-for things) finally has make it to me. So soon I will go decanting The Infidels and post it to the winners of the drawing.

Pic: French Gardening

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