söndag 7 juni 2009

Linga Sharira

When I swap perfume(samples) I use to have a coupple of perfumes that I really, really look forward to try and a coupple of perfumes that i think is interesting, but also maybe one or two not so interesting either because I never have heard of them or because they´ve failed to make me interested of some reason.

When the little parcel arrive I tend to jump straight to the most interesting ones, try them and go ooooh and aaaah, and sniff and smile or in some cases just shudder in dissapointment. Since I´ve got quite a big deal of samples in my mailbox the one´s I am not that interested in tend to remain untested for a time. Because more interesting one´s arrive all the time.

But, once in a while, when I am a little more curious and experimental I try some of the samples from the left over-box. It may be the most amazing perfume in the world! One can never be sure when it come to perfumes, and thats what so amazing with perfumes I think.

Linga Sharira was a small surprise sample that was enclosed in a swap some time ago. Together with some great perfumes as Estee Lauder´s Amber Ylang Ylang and L'Instant Guerlian it isn´t that strange that Linga Sharira wasn´t in center of attention. Until a coupple of days ago!

But oooooooh! And aaaaah! What is this amazing perfume!? It is different yet it remind me of some of my absokute favourite perfumes. A while it is ghostly like Ava Luxe´s Nude Musk, but then in the next moment it remind me more of Dolce & Gabbana´s Siciliy or maybe it´s Parfumerie Generale´s Felinilla, no most definitly Le Labo´s Labdanum 18. Honestly Linga Sharira reminds of all of these wonderful perfumes, it is like they´re all blended together in a most adorable way.

Linga SHarira is filled with light, creamyness, some tart almost brisk notes, something slightly medical, powdery. clean and yet something just a little dirty. The longvity is amazing, it´s still lingers around me when I wake up, and that is after putting just some tiny drops on at around 6 at night. Yes, just a few drops, it´s strong also. And sexy, sensual, magnetic and enchanting.

But what is Linga Sharira anyway? trying to find information on the net, all I manage to find was a site with hebrew, the google-translation didn´t get me much wiser. Just a little, appearantly it is an israeli women that all her life dreamed about creating her own perfume, and finally made it. And congrats, you have create a really good one! I have tried to make contact with the one I swapped the sample with, but still not got an answer from her.

My guess is that some of the notes might be; some citrus, vanilla, labdanum, honey, jasmine, musk and sandalwood. Whatever notes there is, it is amazing, lingering and glowing. I guess it isn´t easy to get, looks like it´s only available in Israel. Otherwise I would need more of it, or I still do, but I guess it can be some challenge to get it!

Sometimes when trying new perfumes and I´ve got 4-5 boring, not so interesting even badsmelling ones in a row I long for a well-knowned perfume, something safe and secure. When trying Linga Sharira I had recently tried about 3-4 not that speciel perfumes, Linga Sharira was a longshot, turned out to be a real treasure. When dabbing it on it was like see the light in the end of the tunnel, the test of boring perfumes was definitly over!

Thank you N!

If someone have any kind of information about Linga Sharira, please share!

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