söndag 7 juni 2009

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Dzing!

Have you been to a circus lately? The last time I was at a circus was when swedish Cirkus Cirkör performed in Umeå, but that was many years ago. But it was a memorable evening, especially I think for my middle daughter that was quite young at the time. The artist of Cirkus Cirkör is really talented and I saw that the mega-cicus Cirque Soleil will visit Sweden during autumn, but I am afraid the tickets will be really expensiv.

Cirkus Cirkör is so called new-circus without animals and sawdust in the ring. A traditional circus it was even longer time since I attend. I think my father got some free tickets for a circus show and gave them to us, but that was so long time ago, that even my oldest kids was really small then!

Well, circus and circus, L'Artisan´s Dzing! by Olivia Giacobetti is inspired of the circus and the scents you can find there. And sure, in Dzing! you find a lot of different circus scents, such as sawdust, pop corn, cotton candy, sweaty horses, worned out leather saddles and some elephant poo. Or maybe horse poo, but elephant poo sounds more interesting or at least bigger i think.

But who want´s to go around and smell like animal poo? Well, I don´t find horse poo to smell bad, it´s a aromatic, kind of dusty smell of mostly hay I think. That I like that kind of smell probably depends on the time I have spend in stables and cowsheds during my childhood.

But Dzing! is so much more than a smell of stable. Dzing! is animalic, sweet and with a deepth in it. Dzing! make me smile. It´s a true mood lifter. Besides it strange notes, Dzing! isn´t an intrusive perfume, but apart from so many others from L'Artisan it has both decent sillage and lasting power. Dzing! is great on my husband too! I´ve got a half big decant of Dzing! and this far it is one of few perfumes from L'Artisan I found worthy a big bottle. The bottle is really pretty, with a women riding on a tiger.

Dzing! is an odd perfume, very modern but also timeless. Suitable for all ages, you just have to be a little playful and don´t take yourself to serious. Dzing! is also good to layer, try it with some easy floral. I layered Dzing! with Fresh' Cannabis Rose some days ago, and the result was really good, some kind of fresh version of Musc Koublai Kahn (at least almost!).

Apart from that I have cravings for L'Artisan´s Bois Farine, I find it to be as unique as Dzing!, but... it has no staying power on me what so ever! I have to glue my nose to my wrist only to smell it, and that is so sad, because what I smwll is so nice and different. But why, oh why do it, together with so many other L'Artisan has so bad sillage and staying power??? Is there any other perfume out there reminding of Bois Farine. It´s that kind of nutty floury smell I am looking for.

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