fredag 26 juni 2009

Humiecki & Graef - Eau Radieuse

Finally it´s hot! And it´s really hot, not that kind of cool, reluctant summer weather but really hot h igh preasure weather. All the guests has leave now, but at least we had a really nice day at the beach with sun, bath and buns.
Actually it´s so hot that I prefer to wear cool and refreshing perfumes. One newly found favourite in that category is Humiecki & Graef´s Eau Radieuse. It starts with almost an explosion of brisk, fresh and almost cooling notes. Most of all it smells of rhubarb, and a lot of rhubarbs that is and very like the original. I´ve got a feeling of siting in a forrest of giant rhubarbs, stalks breaking one by one and the smell of brisk rhubarb sap is all over the place. Very uplifting and refreshing.
The rhubarn notes wears of a little and there after comes notes of minty coolness and fresh, juicy notes of sap. The sillage is really powerful, and make me feel like I am going around with my own, very private, shady coolness around me, and gosh, is that nice when the temperature closing in to +30 C. It is like a big glass of bubbly, refreshing limegreen lemonade of some kind.
Eau Radieuse works almost better on men I think. On me it goes on to some kind of more male territory after some hours. But I have few perfumes that are so refreshing in the start, so in my opinion it also works on women.
On my husband I can clearly smell the note of banana peel. It makes the perfume both fun and interesting. On my husband it become deeper and more saturated, but not as cooling and not with as good sillage. Wears closer to the skin on him, but still with decent sillage.
The longvity is good, but I do prefer the top- and heartnotes, wich are the one´s that make Eau Radieuse differ from most other fragrances. When it is at it´s best, I am being transported to the lush shadow under a giant rhubarb leaf and that is a cool place to be.

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  1. Hello Rebella !

    I found your website googling about "gva Luxe" perfumes and I happen to read your reviews that are very clear and pleasant to read !

    I have a question about H&G's "Eau Radieuse" : would you describe it as a refreshing scent ?
    I mean the kind of fragrances that gives you a whiff of fresh air when it's deadly hot outside and that you can't find air anymore because of that heat ?
    Does this "Eau Radieuse" have a mint note ?