tisdag 9 juni 2009

Donna Karan - Chaos

Soon it´s time for summer break here in Sweden, my youngest son is finished with elementary school and my youngest daugther (she become 12 years yesterday) will change school and start a new school in the autumn, a school with new ideas and new ways of teaching. So it should be that time of year when I shoul wear fragile, cool and pretty floral perfumes. But even if the calendar says it´s the 10:th of june, the weather isn´t really there. Cold winds, grey skies and rain is what june has offer this far. So instead of having summer clothes and light perfumes I go around all wrapped up in sweaters, jeans and soft oriental perfumes.
A perfume just perfect for this weather is Donna Karan´s Chaos, I promised before to wright a little more about it, and today feels like a good day to do that.
Chaos have notes of chamomill, carnation, cinnamon, saffron, sandalwood and musk. It´s common to find rose in many perfumes with saffron, but in Chaos the rose has appereantly been replaced with carnation. I think it´s nice with a saffron perfume without rose, and also without sweetness. Or there is some sweetness in Chaos, but it is a held back and understated kind of sweetness. Chaos is overall kind of held back, but still very comfy, sothing and warm.
I write earlier that Chaos make me think of luxurious hotels, and I still think that. Chaos is the smell of luxurious environments, first class hotels and wonderful spa´s. Just for a while, Chaos allowe me to visit a truly luxurious spa, not that kind of modern minimalistic kind of spa´s, but the oriental kind. It is like being surrounded by warm marble floors, lowered bath tubs with mosaic patterns, towels so thick and soft you can use them to sleep on. On fragile shelfs of glass lighted candles stand besides beautiful flacons helding costly massage oils and herbal treatmens.
A fountain purls and flowering orchids scents the air. Chaos is the smell of soapy, warm luxury... and yet so much more. Chaos is a complex perfume, some days I have notice that the soapy character stands back and are replaced with a more woodsy and dry character. Maybe it´s because of the weather, or maybe depending on my hormones?
The woody kind of Chaos is also really nice, a little sweeter and softer than the soapy kind, but I prefer the sharp, soapy version really. Because it is in that I find Chaos to be most unique.
And the Chaos I´ve got is the new version, they stopped the production of original Chaos (why I cant imagine???) but it seem like the two versions are quite similar. I haven´t -yet- tested the first one.
Chaos have good sillage, but not disturbingly so, and good longvity also. The drydown is like a soft and warm caress. Chaos is really a must try! I hope to get my hands on a sample of the old version, would be really fun to do a side by side test. Anyone who have tried both vesrion? (Of course there is!) What do you think, are they alike or is it the original that is better?

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