fredag 5 juni 2009

Thierry Mugler - Alien

Changelings and children getting mixed up at maternity ward is something thats provoke our imagination, but in quite an unpleasant way. That changelings (traditionally a moppet changed for a human baby) exsists isn´t anything we belive today, but still it´s a theme inspiering writers and other artist. Children getting mixed up at maternity ward is more of an reality, even tough that also is becoming more and more unbelieveble in our modern supercontrolled hospital care. Still it has happened, the swedish writer P-O Enqvist had a cousin that got mixed up with another baby from the same village at the cottage hospital in Bureå a stormy night for about 70-80 years ago. Imagine what a stressful situation to love, care for and bring up a children, and realise little by little that yor baby more and more resamble the neighbor parents and vice versa.
Sometime I am convinced that there has been a mix up between Thierry Muglers Alien and his Angel! Shouldn´t the bright, shiny and beautiful Alien actually be Angel? While Angel that when it arrived with it´s strange and modern notes, was really an Alien? Or are they just two sides of the same coin? If there are angels, they would be seen upon as aliens, wouldn´t they? Angels ARE in fact aliens.
Well, no matter if Alien should be Angel, it is without doubt a beautiful scent. It is so beautiful, clear and piercing it can be hard to wear. This is jasmine so high tuned it can possible be, with the help of heavenly aldehydes. Alien as a note would be high pitched C. Not everyone can manage that! The sillage is enormous, I imagine people outside my house can smell it when they pass by. And the staying power is glorious, on me Alien goes on for at least 8-10 hours, even if it is a more whispery phase in the end.
Besides being high, clean and clear, Alien is also wet. I imagine ice crystals, space flowers and mandelbrot patterns that drips, melts and changes before my eyes. Even tough Alien is quite linear it´s almost experienced with sight... like being wrapped up in a thick dark purple velvet cape pierced with starlight...
Like other big floral perfumes, Alien is a challenge. Frederic Malle´s Carnal Flower isn´t something you usually wear casually, with it´s fleshy sensual and erotic character, people might belive you are there to eat them. Chanel No 5 are stunningly and sedatingly aldehydic from the beginning and after a while transforming to a hypnotic, sleepinducing sea of powdery florals. In that collection Alien is the one that is shining, luring but also elusive. Without air in outer space you wont last long...
I do like Alien, some days I just have to wear it. Or if it is Alien that wears me, doesn´t care...
The pic above is a purple alien, or was it a purple angel? Or are they actually the same thing?

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