onsdag 3 juni 2009

Let me tell you a secret.

It isn´t a big secret, many of you maybe allready know about it.

My secret is Etsy. http://www.etsy.com/

Those of you allready familiar with Etsy know how really good Etsy is. Etsy is a site where you can find almost anything handmade. Most of the artist are situated in US or Canada, but a lot of them offers shipping to Europe as well.

And there sure are a lot of perfumes and perfume oils on Etsy, but also so much else that it´s impossible to count them all up. It´s only the imagination and creativity that limits what you can find at Etsy.

There are soaps, bath oils, bags, clothes, candles, dolls, glass, music, plants, quilts and wood objects and a lot of other stuff. Whatever you might find at Etsy, you van be almost sure that no one else got the same, at least not in Europe! You can find things for all ages and tastes at Etsy, and when you start surfing around it´s easy to spend hours there, just looking on one seller after another with amazing skills and creativity. Etsy is a super place if you´re looking for birthday or christmas-presents, just be sure to order a good time ahead, since the shipping from North America can take some time. The prices varies a lot, you can find unique presents for only a few dollars, but there are also more pricey objects to dream about.

When looking at Etsy, I feel an urge to buy a lot of stuff, perfumes of course, the perfumes at etsy are so far away from massmarket as possible, and if they don´t smell that fabulous, well it´s only a matter of some dollars. But I don´t feel an urge just to consume, I also feel an urge to create. To write is of course a creative occupation, but I feel inspired to do something more concrete with my hands. Like assecories, small bags and boxes amnd of course, most of all... perfumes.

Etsy is so much more than a web shop, Etsy is a place where dreams are made and sold. The global market can be frigthening, but if it looks like Etsy is just pleasing.

Anyone know of some similar site with mostly european sellers?

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