söndag 28 juni 2009

Missoni - Missoni

Usually I am a black dressed kind of person. During the cold time of year black is my first choise not only when it comes to clothes, but also in make-up and haircolour. Red, grey and white is the colours I usually complement all the black with.
But when spring comes around things start changing, first of I use to dye my hair in lighter nuances, like golden brown or, as this year, really red. So when the heat arrives I am transformed to a more colourful person, even tough I admire white and cool clothes I know that they aren´t for me. No, during summertime it is easy, colourful clothes that do it for me. I still wears black, but now together with turqouise, orange, tomato red, bubbelgum pink and bright purple. Jeans shorts, skirts and cool dresses. When it comes to make-up, mascara and moisturising lipgloss is almost the only I wear during summer. Ooooh, lovely summer!
If I had some more money it wouldn´t be impossible for me to wear a lot of beautiful summer clothes from italian Missoni, I am sure no one have missed their colourful patterns? Otherwise you can find copies for resonable prices also. That Missone also offers perfumes isn´t a secret, but I haven´t been interested in them until now. I read a review about Missoni Missoni http://www.peredepierre.com/search/label/Missoni and it got my attention immediatly. Partly because Maurice Roucel is the master behind this perfume, but also because it sound so interesting. Luckily enough I got a sample in a swap shortly after and...
Oh my gosh, it´s really great! Missoni is a summer perfume for us that prefers colourful and cocktails and barbecue parties before white and pastelle clothes, rosé wine and quinoa salads.
Missoni is like a wonderful fruit salad with a lot of oranges and sprinkled with high quality dark chocolate. Yes, it is quite gourmand, sweet, spicy and longlasting but also with cool, aquatic notes wich makes it a excellent summer perfume. Actually it smells so good I want to lick my wrist!
It isn´t that simple either, I find some salty notes in it and cool, soft floral notes, like a magnolia playing hide and seek between the strong notes of chocolate, orange and amber.
The base notes are strong and spicy and the chocolate deepens and become even darker, I can smell earthy and warm notes, like patchouli, even tough no one is listed.
Missoni is long-lasting and with medium sillage. A different and complex scent that probably can be weared all year round, I think it will be a warm and cozy perfume during winter. Missoni is a must try if you like complex, spicy gourmands. I will absolutly get me some more of it.

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