måndag 28 februari 2011

A short report about our perfume meeting.

As usual a really nice day with other perfume lovers. My youngest daughter tagged along and behaved quite well (I had to bribe her with a stop at LUSH).

This time we managed to buy a travel set of Hermessence, the other two times they haven´t had any Ambre Narguile. I got me a small bottle of Iris Ukioje, which was a surprise to me, love at first sniff! More about it later...

We visited COW where I put on some Dulcis in Fundo and realised that I need more of this! Everything was just great besides that our train home was more than an hour late!!!

It was as usual so nice to meet and we had a new participant also. I hope we´ll have another meeting in a coupple of months.

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