söndag 20 februari 2011

Cerchi Nell'Acqua - White Out

Even though I really like Jolie and Waves from Cerchi Nell'Acqua, White Out is probably the fragrance among them all that makes me most happy and that also feels most "me". :)

While Jolie partly is a little to discrete and Waves a little to loud, White Out is just perfect. Oh yeah, this fragrance makes me so happy! It´s at least as complex as Waves, but while Waves has obvious retro vibes, White Out feels modern and innovative. But absolutly not modern like in hard to wear or too peculiar. Only like a fragrance that feel very much in phase with the time and relevant and soooo very soft, wonderful and yet with that little special something making it special and unforgettable.

As the others from Cerchi Nell'Acqua it has a very round and soft character. In the opening White Out is very much about vanilla, a soft, smoth and creamy vanilla that soon enough gets accompanied by a cooling scent that I can´t really pinpoint. Kind of minty, but without tothpaste vibes, maybe eucalypthus or menthol, it´s not fresh or aquatic, but rather a dry and cold scent that maybe could be blended with some flower (fresia?)? This cold note don´t actually smell so much, but contributes with an over all feeling of cold and stops the vanilla from being too sweet or ordinary vanilly.

On me the vanilla holds center part for a very long time, it´s like the other notes moves around the vanilla. The cold scent/feeling seem to build a bridge between the vanilla and the toher notes and makes them all tag on to each other. If this sounds strange I´m sorry, but I can´t explain it any other way... The result is a sort of warm cold feeling that stays pretty much through the entire development. Like falling snow on a soft and warm wolf if I would be a little way-out.

Besides the vanilla, the sweet and warmness of White Out could be something very discrete and fruity hiding within the vanilla. Some half an hour in the fragarnces I also starts to feel the woody notes, one interesting aspect is that the woody note also feels very soft and smooth, like beachwood, silvery pale and softened by the ocean for years (still what the woody note intact though). The patchouli is very discrete and doesn´t really smell like patchouli, but rather contributes to the woody note, after some time I also detect something reminding of oakmoss.

Shortly speaking, White Out is an amazing, complex and also very comfy fragrance. Really good lasting power (at least 8-10 h) and noticable sillage. White Out works on both women and men. I recommend White Out to anyone looking for a personal and different take on vanilla. Actually the hole line of Cerchi Nell'Acqua is very mych worth trying, and I sure hope it reaches outside Italy soon.

Pic: Inside igloo
snowcovered wolf

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  1. Cerchi Nell'Acqua would be very welcome here, after these descriptions. So tempting.

    How do you discover these little-known perfumes? However you do it, thank you for sharing your experiences.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Anna: I hope they´ll be available for the rest of Europe soon, they are very worth testing. The other one´s in the line is also very interesting, but I wasn´t in the mood for patchouli and ambra when I tried them.

    I found the Sigilli perfumes at Aus Liebe Zum Duft, and when I contacted Enrico Buccella I had no idea that he had another line. :)