tisdag 1 mars 2011

Ormonde Jayne - Champaca

To test Ormonde Jaynes fragrances is a little like having a private stay at a peaceful and unknown South Sea Island. Many of Ormonde Jaynes fragrances have got inspiration from wonderful tropical flowers like tiare, frangipani and champaca. But they are representating a tropical paradise far from bright colored cocktails, coconuts and hoards of tourists. All of Ormonde Jaynes perfumes seem to be filled with elegance, beauty and holds a longing away from gloomy European winter and also, our stressed out modern life style. In most of Ormonde Jaynes fragrances (both the more tropical, but also the "western" like Ormonde Woman) you can find a hide away, a serene retrat that caresses you in a quiet but also obvious way.

Ormonde Jaynes scents are kind of laid back, delicate and truly beautiful. Among those smoth and peaceful fragrances I think Champaca is the most comfy, soft and caressing. Champaca has a quiet charm, thats maybe in a more loud company isn´t the first one to get noticed, byt afterwards you realise, Champaca is the one you can´t forget about.

Champaca has notes of neroli, bamboo, champaca, fresia, basmati rice, myrrh, green tea and musk. It smells of a restrained, quite fleeting fruity sweetness, the floral notes are complex both arousing and some drier haylike notes. The note of basmati rice makes Champaca to an extremly comfy and cuddly scent. While wearing Champaca you feel comfortable in the same way you do when you have spend some wonderful hours on a luxury spa.

During the basenote a wionderfully creamy powderyness occurs. And this is little of a common house note in Ormonde Jaynes scents, like they all share a common ground. This creamyness becomes even more interesting -to me- since there is no vanilla present, which makes this a very special, unique and personal kind of creamy. The creamyness of Champaca is soft, caressing and sensual. And in different from a lot of other comfort scents, Champaca don´t feel like an autumn/winter scent, no in my opinion it´s perfect for summer wear.

The drydown feels like put your softest favorite sweater on at a warm summer night after a day filled with summery sunshine.

Champaca has good lasting power (about 6-7 hours on me) and medium sillage, it´s stronger early on and become more of a soft skinscent during dry down. I recommend Champaca to everyone looking for a sunny, fresh, beautiful and comfortable floral. The basmati note is a wonderful element and really nice to experience without being particulary foody.

Pic: flickr

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  1. I love Ormonde Jayne perfumes! You describe this perfectly. I think it's the rice note that makes it somehow powdery/creamy. It is very beautiful.

  2. kjanicki: Oh yes it is. Like an überexclusive version of Kenzo Amour. :)