torsdag 24 februari 2011

Perfume meeting on saturday and some waiting in line.

This week the kids are having winter break, unfortunatly the weather has been a little to cold, even though some days have been sunny. Anyway, I´m not much of a winter sport type, but I enjoy getting out in the forrest with husband, kids and dog.
So far we have mostly indulged in indoor activities like reading and baking.

On saturday it´s time for another perfume meeting in Stockholm. We´ll meet at NKs perfume department at 11.30 and I hope my train isn´t late. I had hope to manage to visit that shop that offers vintage perfumes, but a friend told me they´ve closed. :(

Apart from that I have a cute little line up of perfumes waiting to be evaluated and reviewed. Among them for instant the Ormonde Jayne fragrances which is so nice to learn to know better, also I have at least 3 vintage treasures that want´s my attention as well as a pile of samples from Montale and Neil Morris.

Pic: insect dolls waiting in line

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  1. These insect dolls are very cute. Nice post, you seem to be very interested in pefume, keep up the good work, thanks.