lördag 5 februari 2011

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Traversee du Bosphore

Istanbul seem to be such a thrilling and lively city. Amon cities I dream about to visit, Istanbul may not be in the absolute top, but not far from. Filled with cultural treasures, historical buildings and places, streets filled with life, shops and food. East meets west, I belive it´s about 1% of Turkeys quite large landarea that is situated in Europe, while all the rest is a part of Asia. Like a blue ribbon east and west are divided by the strait of Bosphorus...

Not to wonder about that L'Artisan and nose Bertrand Duchafor, latest offering, Traversee du Bosphore woke my curiosity. Bertrand Duchafor travels around the world to find inspiration to his fragrances from the most different places. With notes of turkish delight, appel tee and leather, it must be soo good I belived. I´ve even noticed that people that usually find fragrances inspired by turkish delight to be too sweet and cloying actually like this one. That is really good for them, but I don´t like it though.

Oh well, I kind of like it sort off, about 75-80% of it. On me there isn´t much turkisk delight at all, it´s like you take away turkisk from turkish delight and put some apple in there instead, so you got some kind of apple delight. Unfortunatly a rather sweet, cloying and sticky apple delight. Beneath this I dicover a weak, but still noticable leathery note. The lether is whiffing around, like a scaled down leather jacket leather. For some reason this combo makes my stomach ill...

Usually I don´t feel sick when I try perfumes. I usually like and even love to many perfumes for my own good, but not this one. It´s not as nauseting as when I tried Etat Libre d'Oranges Viergos et Toreros, where I had to rush to the bathroom and scrub it of really fast.

The first time I tried Traversee du Bosphore I liked it and belived that the vague nausea depended on something else. The other time I tried it I realise it was caused by the perfume. It´s not like full scaled nausea, more kind of vague discomfort.

But I realise now when I sit here with a littlest spray of Traversee du Bosphore that I become a little more uncomfortable for each time I wear it!

What in Traversee du Bosphore that makes my stomach feel so uncomfortable I don´t know. It IS sweet, but I love a lot of much sweeter perfumes without a problem. Maybe it´s thanks to that apple note which on my smells very cheap and synthetic. Honestly if someone pored this in another bottle and presented it to me as the new offering from britney Spears, I´ll probably belive them. It smells a little cheap and synthetic to me. Sorry, sorry, sorry!

You have to excuse me, now I have to go and scrub... this.... off... immediately... sorry!

Pic:Blue Mosque and the Bosphorus_ Istanbul_ Turkey

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  1. lol
    I understand about perfumes making your stomach ill. Although now I feel like I'm the only who still hasn't tried TdB - and I love Duchafour's work. Well, almost all, Havana Vanille made me hide myself from the sweet onslaught, I hope this one won't though.

  2. I've been enjoying your blog for a few months now. I haven't paid too much attention overall to how often you and I agree, though, since having a different opinion doesn't reduce my enjoyment in reading a blog.

    But I'm about to reread your posts more judgementally.

    I suspect that since you and I are the only two I've found (yet) who consider Traversee du Bosphore to be a mildly stomach-twisting scrubber well, I wonder if I have found my scent twin? :)

    Many hugs and non-apple-flavored leather to you!