tisdag 8 februari 2011

Buy 15 and get 14 for free.

Usually I don´t buy 15 bottles of perfume (or fragrances) at the same time. But some times I stumble upon offers that seem to be to good to be true. I promise I had to pinch my arm yesterday...

First of all I bought a lot of ten different fragrances at Tradera (Swedish Ebay) and since the seller lived in the same town as me, we agreed that I could get collect them at his place. What I bought was ten bottles of un-specified fragrance, but thanks to the pic I could at least identify a bottle of vintage Shalimar and a bottle of vintage Femme by Rochas, some of the other offerings wasn´t that interesting, for example several bottles of deo spray... I think it´s so thrilling to buy this kind of things, it can be a true finding, but also it can show that the precious perfume haven´t manage to well and gone stale and sour... Oh well, for about 15 € it´s a risk I´m willing to take.

When I come to collet the bottles the seller told me that he have a lot of other perfume as well, a whole box that I could check if I was interested. Oh yes! It was at least 30-40 bottles, even though a mayority was cheap Avon-Yves Rocher kind of scents I did find a bottle of vintage Chanel No 5 almost full, a bottle of vintage Miss Dior, and Dior´s Dune, and Paris by YSL and Eau Torride by Givenchy. I explain that I am most interested in perfumes from well known brands, since they´ve probably hold a better quality and will stay good for a longer time. For another 15 € I get those bottles as well.

My knees was all shaky! Wow what a finding!

The pic above show most of the bottles, but not the deo sprays etc. I have briefly tested the known fragrances and they seem to be in good shape, except of Shalimar that smells so MUCH better then my newer version. It´s much more full bodied and glowing and... wow, and yet it´s only and eau de cologne.

Some of the bottles are nothing but curiosities, like the one in the left corner, Parfum de Escapade by AB Perplex, made only for "Hemmets Journal" a swedish ladies magasine, seem to be about 50 years old and I guess it´s really, really rare, but not so much sought after though. :)

The bottle with the greenish label is from Mallorca, Aromes de la Granja, it have a flower of some kind floating in the juice.

If someone have any information about the After Dark or Great lakes bottles, please let me know.

I tend to some strange buyings from time to time. This far I have been dissapointed once, and that was when the seller (or someone else) had blended the remainings of the frags with water!

Do you prefer to play it safe when it comes to perfumes? Maybe you plan exactly what to buy? A bargain can easily end up to be a bunch of dust collecting bottles... But, in this case I know I love Shalimar, and that I probably will use Chanel No 5 from time to time, and Dune is also smelling quite good and Miss Dior, well I guess I make a nice bargain after all. :)

What is your best bargain?

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  1. Oh! I am so jealous! I keep waiting for such a find but so far it has escaped me. :)
    And vintage Shalimar... I want a bottle of that.

  2. Ines: It was almost to good to be true. :) And all the vintage scents smells as good as new. Shalimar is gorgeus, much richer then my new one. And both Shalimar, Chanel N0 5 and Miss Dior is practically not used...

    I defintly think vintage Shalimar is worth to go after, since it smells better then the modern.

  3. What a wonderful find! I was about to say you're lucky, but if you aren't looking, you never make these kinds of finds! Congratulations on this!

  4. Wow, great find! I found a store that has some great vintage stock, but not for as great a price as you got yours.

  5. I prefer to play it safe when big money is involved, but if not? Why Not?!

  6. Alice: The seller hadn´t described the different scents at all, it was just said 10 old perfumes, and on the pic it was hard to tell for sure what bottles it was. My luck. :)

  7. kjanicki: Most common retailers are at least partly aware of the prices, but you can still make bargains. Some scents are so rare so just to own them is a bargain and a privilege.

  8. a.k.a warum: No I wouldn´t risk if it was like 100 €, but I seem to stumble upon unexpected finds for really good prices occationally. (But, then of course I check a lot)