söndag 6 februari 2011

A little internet hate...

When I´m on to not liking things I can as well continue with it, right?

Imagine you work at an ordinary company or health care or school or whatever. As long as your cleaner staff does their job good you might not even notice them. He/she maybe not even works the times you work. But, if you´re ordinary cleaner quits and the new one don´t clean that well, forget to fill up the toilet paper, no dusting underneath the photo copier and so on. Then you notice the cleaner, don´t you? At least you notice that it isn´t clean. That the new cleaner have two less hours than the old to make the same job, well no one remember to inform the staff about it... So everyone ends up wanting to strangle the poor cleaner.

This is kind of how I feel about our mailman now. I KNOW that the swedish post had have major cut downs lately, like there isn´t any post offices left anymore. You have to go to your local grocery store and do your postal buisness. And I hate posting letters there, since the staff don´t even know where USA or Great Britain is situated (inside or outside Europe!!!). So nowadays I buy my own stamps and weigh my own letters.

Still, I can´t deliver my own post! Even though that is a question 'bout time, probably sooner or later ordinary people have to go to the post terminal and get their own post, every day monday-friday, between 12-14, except on thursday when they have a staff meeting. Well, what is going on is that post on it´s way to me have started to dissapear. :(

Since beginning of november at least five different parcels on their way to me have not maked it. At first i blamed the post in Italy, France and Great Britain, but then I talked with out neighbor.
She told me that our post have been put in their mailbox the whole week. Of course the neighbors put it in our mailbox, but that isn´t exactly their job.

Now I´m really paranoid that all my interesting perfume samples have been delivered to someone else (not our closest neighbors, I think they´re really reliable), but people some other place that don´t know me (us) at all... Of course my bubble mailers looks a little more interesting then envelopes from some dull authority.

The thing is that I belive I have a copple of perfume friends in Sweden that also have noticed that the mail isn´t as smoth as it used to be. Small parcels that should have been delivred the next day don´t arrive until after about four or five days. And you don´t chose sign for delivery (in Sweden this is quite expensive) if the value is about 3 euro.

What is your experiences with the post companies? Have you noticed any change lately? Or do you think the post was better where you lived before? Have you waited in vain for something that never arrived? Or have something you´ve send don´t reach the right destination? Feel free to wine, it´s totally Ok to "hate" the post delivery today on my blog. And in our modern society where common people don´t send post any more, we perfumistas is an exception...

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  1. Hmmm, Annelie. This makes me think. What could we do to our perfume parcels to make them look uninteresting?

    I've had really good luck with our postal service here, except that everyone at my local post office has a different idea about sending things out of the country. Some folks say I can send perfume - no problem. Some folks say I can't. Some folks say I can only send a certain amount. As a result, I don't swap outside the US, which makes me sad.