onsdag 9 februari 2011

Serge Lutens - Jeux de peau

Now about something totally different then a bargain. More precise, a small sample of Serge Lutens latest offering Jeux de peau, which I bought at Ebay last week for no less then about 7 €. Oh, well and yesterday I get an offer to get a sample for free. Win some loose some...

Even though I have lately manage to extend my perfume collection quite much, I also have had time to test Jeux de peau a few times. And yes, this I do like! Comfy yet different, soft and sensual.

It opens with a very genuin note of roasted bread. Have never smelled anything like this in a fragrance actually. The roasted bread note hangs in there for a while, but become quite soft. Soon an equaly soft and pleasant note of apricot is showing, I think of it as apricots in milk or even cream. Not so sweet, but very comforting. This part of Jeux de peau smells incredible good, but I also discovers similarities with Etat Libre d'Orange´s Like This. If you like Like This, you´ll probably like Jeux de peau as well. But, I don´t think you´ll need them both. Both of them are soft, sensual and skin close scents, and about half an hour in Jeux de peau I even think I prefer it before Like This...

But, after some time the sandalwood note joins, it´s both nice and creamy, but also with a certain sharp and brisk element that some sandalwood gets on me. In this fragrance the sandalwood don´t become too brisk and sharp, but still it´s the reason that I in this phase prefer Like This over Jeux de peau. Like This continues on the soft side, but with that discrete chili note that I like so much. Jeux de peau feels like a layer of softer than soft (apricot+milk+bread) mixed over a sharp layer. I think it´s matter of taste what you prefer.

If it wasn´t for that sharpness in the base, i would say that Jeux de peau is spot on fabulous comfort scent, but in the base it become more like a sandalwood scent with some soft musk, the bread and apricot isn´t there in the end.

Until I tried Jeux de peau I was sure to buy a BB of Like This soon, but now I feel a little less sure. Maybe I like Jeux de peau a little tiny bit better? Or the other way around? I´m not sure, I guess I have to do a little more side by side testing.

Jeux de peau have good longvity and soft, skin close sillage. It´s a rather feminine scent, but I think it would be really interesting on man too... Anyway, this is a must try if you like Like This or if you´re looking ofr different and not so sweet gourmand fragrances.

Pic: flickr.com

4 kommentarer:

  1. It sounds lovely, but I do already own Like This. I will give it a try some day anyway. I have a problem sometimes with sandalwood too. sometimes it gives me a sharp, almost briny notes, like pickles.

  2. kjanicki: It´s really good, and comfy and sensual, but I think I´ll go for a bottle of Like This anyway. Nice to hear someone else having problem with sandalwood, most people just seem to find it smoth, creamy and pleasant.

  3. I can't wait to try this- the bread note sounds so interesting- and obviously SL fragrances are always brilliant

  4. Hmmm. Must try this. I was kind of disappointed by Like This, which seems to have everything in it that I like but smells like just a quiet spice to me.