fredag 18 juni 2010

Jo Wood Organics - Tula

Jo Woods Organics offers organic certified skincare products and fragrances. Jo Wood´s mother is of South African origin and Jo Wood find a lot of inspiration in Africa. Tula means silent in swahili, and even though I find Tula to be a little quiet and maybe shy, I don´t find it to be totally silent at all.

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In Tula you find notes of frangipani, jasmine, ylang, sandal wood and green anise. Tula is an excellent summer scent and compared to other "big" white florals it has a quite careful personality. In my opinion it is the note of green anise that gives the scent it´s personality and distinctness. The sweet floral notes are rich, but also soft and I can sense some fruit and also almond notes. The anise contribute to a fresh feeling but also, a weak and enjoyable note of licorice.

Tula is quite linear, the top is dominated by white flowers but also some fruit (I smell citrus and also some tropical maybe passionfruit?), the top notes soon gives rrom to the heartnote that consists of the same florals but now rather accompanied by anise which gives the scent a fresh, green feeling but also some "body". This part is my favorite, since it make Tula stand out in compare with other "big" white florals. When the anise fades away the ylang note become more dominating with some vanilla and heavy sweetness in it. The sandal wood brings a powdery feel, but it´s a sandal wood note used with very light hands.

As with many other organic scents, Tula has a very discrete sillage and not that good lasting power. Even though I find it to be Ok in comparision with other organic scents, I put it on an evening and could still -barely- smell it the next morning.

If you usually like lush, white florals I suggest you to take a look on Tula, especially now during summer it is very nice to wear. Also if you´re a fan of anise note, you must give this a try.

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