onsdag 16 juni 2010

Nicolas Danila - Amazonian Gardens

Oakmoss in perfumes isn´t that easy for me. When my perfume interest began I had difficulties with oakmoss, but eventually learned to tolerate it, but it very small amounts. I was far from appreciate chypres though...

But, as you can learn to like certain foods, you can also learn to like certain scents... Givenchy´s Ange ou Demon have oakmoss among the notes and that I´ve liked from start, even though it isn´t that heavy on oakmoss. The break through when it comes to oakmoss was when i tried Hors La Monde´s Shiloh, ok still it´s the opening-and heartnotes I like the most in it, but from time to time I realise that I long for the lush, saturated chypre base with oakmoss.

A while ago i wrote about Nicolas Danila´s perfume line Alladins Gardens and also reviewed some of them a little closer. Among them Arabian and Asian Gardens was my favorites, easy to wear and easy to like. The other was nice and fine, even though failed to impress me, but my youngest daughter love Aboriginial Gardens. But among the nice scents there was one that stod out a lot, Amazonian Gardens. I had a hard time to belive it really belonged at all among the others.

Amazonian Gardens was both captivating and repelling at the same time. To my nose and on my skin it was totally dominated by oakmoss. The oakmoss in Amazonian Gardens is strong, deep, dusty powdery and smells of moss, stones, dirt, ashes and cigars. The first time I tried it, I was so overwhelmed of it, that I scrubbed it off. I found it interesting, but not for me. Despite this, I have been attracted to it from time to time, but just sniffing from the little bottle has been more then enough to stop my cravings.

Now when I´ve become a little hardened I decided to test it again. The oakmoss is still much to strong and dominating for my taste, but now I can also sense nuances i missed the last time I tried it. In some ways it remind of Givenchy´s Ange ou Demon, but enlarged and much stronger. Ange ou Demon is for a mainstream public while Amazonian Gardens are cutting edge... Amazonian Gardens are like a negative print of Ange ou Demon, with the notes in reversed proportions.

Beneath the oakmoss there is streams of beautiful, pink flowers. The scent of flowers brings some sweetness, lightness and femininity in a scent that is quite unisex. Amazonian Gardens also have a note of sandel wood that softens the scent in the basenote. I think Amazonian Graden would be the perfect scent for the evil fairy in Disney´s Sleeping Beauty.

Amazonian Gardens demands a lot of attention from the wearer as well as the people around. This is a scent that not will past unnoticed. I don´t think I will wear it that often, but still this is a very interesting scent. A must if you are curious about oakmoss or like it a lot. Heavy sillage and longlasting, would work well on men to I think.

Do you have any favoritye scent with oakmoss? Any suggestions on what I might try to learn more about oakmoss in perfumes?


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