måndag 21 juni 2010

Stendhal - Elixir Noir

Stendhal mostly offers skincare products, but also have one perfume, Elixir Noir. I haven´t heard much about it, but become curious about it since the notes sounds promising and the bottle is so beautiful. Therefor it´s so much fun to finally try it (I´ve got two little samples from the Swedish general agent). You can find Elixir Noir on many places at the internet.

Elixir Noir starts of with juicy and sweet berry notes and some peppery and sharp notes. It smells kind of red and that isn´t so strange becasue the notes are cranberries and pink pepper. Soon the red and berry opening becomes a little softer, and with green, crisp notes of magnolia leaf. The sharp note in the opening wears off quite fast and Elixir Noir becomes a sweet, comfy and kind of happy scent. During this phase it is pleasant, but not that uniqe or different and not with anything that makes it stand out.

The cranberry stays for a while but becomes less sweet and mixes with some powdery notes which join in some kind of very delicious note of chewy fudge, and this smells really, really good. The fudgy note are light and not so sweet. The scents develops and become more powdery and also less sweet than in the opening, during this phase it smells powdery, soft floral and of a very discrete gourmand character. This feel more personal and different, even though Elixir Noir keeps on the safe side and never become strange or edgy. It´s a feminine scent that mixes modern notes (cranberry and pepper) with more traditional powdery, floral notes and patchouli.
The result is a modern scent, which have a retro feel. I like it but can imagine that some will find it to be to much all over the place.

During the opening and early heart notes I can´t help wondering when it shall fit it´s name, Elixir Noir, since it isn´t the slightest "noir" (black) with it´s apperance at first. But just wait...
When the base notes are making entrance, the darkness comes with them. And now, finally Elixir Noir become a little more adventurous. Suddenly the soft, powdery and cherful scent becomes husky, dark, woody (the patchouli notes is a very soft one though) and with warm oriental features. I think those opposites find each other quite well in Elixir Noir, and yes, I like it. Usually I have a weakspot for powdery perfumes and sweetness is likeable for me also and the darkness makes it intriguing. But, I do belive this mix could be little to much for some of you.
On me, Elixir Noir is sprawly bit still nice.

Elixir Noir feel refined and every phase of it develops nice and slow, the scent feel timeless, even though I have hard time imagining it on very young women. Excellent staying power, stays most of the day and the sillage is also good, but not to much. Elixir Noir would fit superb as a night-party scent. Better during the cold season than during summer though. And it is both mood lifting and sensaul at the same time.

I think everyone that cares for powdery scent should give it a try. And also if you´re looking for a scent with elegant patchouli note.

Apart from that I´m on the hunt for an attar since I´ve read on Perfume posse about Maymua attar, it sounds just wonderful. Must try it! And I´ll evaluate the new scent from Honore des pres, Vamp a NY soon also.

Pic: travel.webshots

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