fredag 11 juni 2010

Caron - Bellodgia (vintage)

Perfumes like this aren´t made any more. When I tested Tabac Blond for the first time and liked it, I was relived and happy cause it felt like I passed a needle´s eye. Despite my liking of Tabac Blond I haven´t been that eager to try other scents from Caron, I belive I´ve tought that Tabac Blond was one of a kind, and that I wouldn´t like the others as much.

Well, I still find Tabac Blond to be unique, but Bellodgia isn´t that bad either. I´ve got a small sample from a reader and it´s a vintage-Bellodgia. Caron´s Bellodgia was created in 1927 by the perfumer Ernest Daltroff, that also is the perfumer behind several of Caron´s most famous scsnts as Tabac Bland, Nuit de Noel, En Avion and Narcisse Noir. Several of these fragrances are still in production, but I have no idea how they are compared to the original formulas. Anyone that knows?

Bellodgia starts of very sharp, dark and medical on me. I can´t say I think it smells good, more like interesting. And I usually likes a little medical notes in perfumes, so that isn´t a problem for me. The first hald an hour, it´s like Bellodgia is biding it´s time, waiting, getting ready... Just as with Tabac Blond I have some difficulties to recognise the separate notes, Bellodgia is very well blended.

Eventually it starts to develop and bloom on my skin. It´s still dark and deep, but now with elements of sweetness, flowers and spicyness. I find it similar to Tabac Blond, but Bellodgia is sweeter, but also sharper. The carnation that in tabac Blond becomes like a vague leather, in Bellodgia rather becomes a powdery, floral and more feminin note. The vanilla in Bellodgia is more pronounced and sweet than in Tabac Blond.

Belldgia is long lasting and have great sillage. I think Bellodgia works well on men to, but most of all Bellodgia is a grown up kind of scent, there isn´t anything childish or girly about it. Bellodgia also got a obvious, but kind of dressed, sexyness. I think of Tabac Blond as more timeless then Bellodgia, it is like Bellodgia is more a part of a time passed. Some people might even think of it as dated, even tough I don´t.

Which is your favorite Caron? Or maybe non of them works well on you?

Pic: Film Noir

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