lördag 19 september 2009

What happened to the patchouli plants?

I know I kind of promised a review, but my husband didn´t work day today, he work the evening, so the review will come a little later.

But, I planted some patchouli seeds early this summer, and what happened to them? Well, it didn´t become any plants, it become one single plant (pic above).

I don´t know why it only become one plant? But june was really cold, rainy and grey here, so I tried to heat threat my seeds in the washingroom when the dryer was on, maybe it´s thanks to that that one seed growed.

I have watched over my little plant constantly. June, july and half of august went by without it becoming much more than the tiniest babyplant. But then suddenly in the middle of august it start growing. So I guess if it survive the winter I will have a quite nice patchouli plant next summer.

And it smells! It smells of darkness, soil, brisk and animalic. Honestly there are notes of cat pee, but I´ve heard that patchouli become sweeter, softer, more aromatic and complex with time. Well, no matter how it smells, it´s still an exciting adventure to grow it.

Please keep your fingers crossed for my little patchouli to survive the winter.

Otherwise I can scream finally! Finally Parfumerie Generale offers their scents in 30 mls bottles. S o now I know what to wish for in Christmas present. Or well, I´m not sure wich of the perfumes I want the most, but something from PG will do. 59 euro and slightly more for some of them is the price tag, yes it´s quite much money for 30 ml, still less than many of the niche perfumes available in that size.

I hope more perfume houses will follow, 30 mls bottles is high up on the wish list for a "poor" perfumista.

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