onsdag 16 september 2009

Profumi di Pantelleria - Approdo

Long time no see, but I haven´t forgot my blog or my readers. It has been full house here since the beginning of september and a lot to do. Birtdays, departures, the middle daughter moving away and some illness. Oh well, from intense family life to peace and quite today.

I have a weak spot for islands, maybe I´ve mentioned it before? And the one´s I am most found of is that kind of barren, windswept, foggy, cliffy and very lonely islands. Not to cold and snowy, but not at all tropical islands either. Islands like the Shetlands, Fareos, Azores, St Helena and the island of my dreams, Tristan Da Cunha.

Tristan Da Cunha is a very isolated island in the southern atlantic sea, the worlds most isolated place where humans live permanently. The island has several volcanos and in the 60'ies the population was evacuated to Great Britain, but when the danger was gone, they returned home. As far as I know, there´s about 300 inhabitans on Tristan Da Cunha and one of them was my penpal for some time. Yes, I am a nerd, I have always been a nerd, and hopefully I will always stay a nerd as well. My Tristan pen pal was Louisa Green, a coupple of years younger than me and the letters from her arrived sparsely. The postal delivery to Tristan wasn´t that great during the 80'ies, and I doubt it is much better now? Anyway, when Louisa get to know that I was pregnant with my first child, she send a wool sweater that she had knitted. It was white whit a black pattern of the Tristan Da Cunha silouette and the name Tristan above. I guess there isn´t that many people having a sweater from Tristan?

I think it´s almost impossible to imagine how it is to live in such an isolated place? I guess a lot of the population that is born after the evacuation in the 60'ies never has leave the island. Still in this day, I would love to visit Tristan. But, after all there is other islands easier to visit.

The italian perfume house Profumi di Pantelleria has a new perfume, Approdo, meaning landfall. Approdo is a perfume to establish in. It take me on a journey to all the lonely islands in my dreams. The top notes are fresh and smells of citrus and herbs. A feeling of high, clear and salty sea air. Notes of minerals make me feel surrounded by giant cliffs. Approdo is good, really good and very interesting.

Sometime aquatic scents fails to impresse me, but Approdo soon leave that stage and take an other route. Still that high and clear feeling remains, but more a note of air than of sea I think. The mineral note lingers for a long time in the scent, but otherwise new actors emerge. A scent of warm slightly wet wool sweater occur, there is a buttery feeling in wool, that Approdo manage to copy. Approdo is like a uplifting hike at foggy, windswept moors close to the sea. A hike in comfortable shoes and warm, comfy clothes. Maybe I´ve borrowed a big soft wool sweater from my husband? Approdo wrap you up in soft, caressing wooly warmth, but still there is cool, fresh and sea breeze notes as well.

Far away there is little houses in the fog, your hike is coming to an end, and you know there is a crackling fire awaiting you in the cottage. Soon it will be dark, and the wind is growing, but you know you will be warm, comfy and safe.

Approdo is a gorgeus perfume, I have never experienced such a true note of wool. The mineral note is also interesting and both of them combined makes Approdo unique and noticeable. Approdo is an all together pleasant olfactory experience, personal and different, but at the same time soft and easy to wear. Most perfumes with mineral notes are somewaht cold, but Approdo isn´t. If Approdo was a wool sweater, it would be that soft kind of wool, in natural colours, like creamy beigewhite. Approdo succed to be both comfy and exciting at the same time, wich isn´t that common in perfumes.

Sillage and longvity is great, I suspect that Approdo could smell dangerously good on my husband! Approdo is a perfume for island lovers, but don´t hesitate to try it if you can, cause I am convinced most people could be impressed with this cozy and great perfume.

More about Approdo you can find here: www.cale.it

PS. Louisa, if you or someone that knows you reads this, please contact me trough my e-mail.

Pic: Nick DeWolf, flickr

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  3. I've spent time on the magical islands of the Faroes and on St. Helena, as close as I could come to Tristan da Cunha. I'm a mad lover of islands and solitude, so your wonderful review for Approdo has me purchasing it blindly. I've even got the wool sweater from the Faroes hanging 10 feet from me, so I know the smell of that wool oh too well. Thanks for posting such an evocative review.