torsdag 24 september 2009

Florascent - Tango

I don´t know if you have any kind of relationship to tango? My relationship with tango might be kind of romantic, I have never tried to dance tango in my entire life, still I imagine that I would be a great tangodancer if I just took a trip to Buenos Aires. Even tough my niece lives there I still haven´t been able to visit Buenos Aires.

Before the music group Gotan Project entered my life, tango wasn´t as interesting. Gotan Project re-created tango, and a new kind of music was born, known as nuevo tango or electro tango.

I have several cd's with Gotan Project, but my favourite tune with them are and has always been Triptico. If perfume can be hard to describe with words, music isn´t much easier. Triptico has a traction, a tempo, a sensualism, a story and a feeling that is incredible. This is modern, tango inspired music at it´s best. Triptico is long, partly even slow but with an energy towards a final and fierce cresendo. Just be sure there isn´t a lot of music that´s better than Gotan Project when having a spa-night with your lover.

Anyway, I´ve tried the scent Tango, the new autumn scent from Florascent And it makes me think about Gotan Project and Triptico. The scent Tango is said to be erotic, but I find it rather sensual, indolent, caressing and soft. For some reason I think about red roses as flowers suitable for tango, but Florascent has gardenia and orchid for Tango, choises that I find modern and interesting. Red rose would have been so expected.

Something the perfumes I´ve tried this far from Florascent has in common, is a fleating, quite light feeling. Since they´re using only natural essential oils it isn´t so strange that the result comes out as delicat and etheric. But I don´t think that they are short lived on my skin, but don´t expect any monster sillage.

The top notes in Tango gives me a sher and fleating feeling of something clean and white, rather than red and fiery. Tango is anything but erotic and explosive at the beginning. It´s mild, but vibrant and in a way rare and peculiar. Comfortable, slow and sensual is word that´s come in my mind when thinking about Tango.

Just like the music Triptico there is also a serene almost meditative, suggestive feeling in Tango. I have played Triptico for people shouting in only a coupple of minutes "Heeeey, does this never ends???" I guess Tango could raise the same feeling with some wanting a fast delivery with their perfumes. Not because it´s boring in the start, but it sure is slow, delicate and hard to nail. But all the time it´s smelling really, really good.

In the heart and base of the perfume things starting to happen, no there´s still no fast rotation, but the white, almost clean feeling warms up becoming more golden, glowing, caressing, but still in my opinion more sensual than erotic. Opoponax and patchouli brings a deepth and a warmth, but never in a loud and dominat way. Tango blooms slowly but steadily out on my skin. Passion? Yes, but that kind of passion you might find in a longtime realtionship where you know each other well and makes love with deepth, indulgance and warmth rather than the first kick in a new, burning love affair.

Tango would be the perfect perfume for a long evening with massage, wramed up olive oil, lighted candles, a glass of red wine and of course... Gotan Project.

Tango is a warm fragrance, but with some cool parts, so for some reason I think of it more as a winter/spring perfume than for autumn, but that is of course a matter of personal taste. Even tough I find Tango to be an enjoyable and seductive perfume, I still like Florascents Umami the best among the perfumes i´ve tried from Florascent. I tried Umami agian some time ago, and realised I find it even more unique now than earlier. Umami is that kind of scent leaving me filled with questions while Tango fill me with comfort.

What do you prefer? Comfort or questions? Do you have any favourite from Florascent by the way? And what do you think of Gotan Project?

Pic: Secretariat of tourism, Buenos Aires

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