tisdag 1 september 2009

Birthday in advance.

My birthday is coming up, this friday I will be 43 years old. It´s hard to understand, but me and the dog found a worm hole yesterday, so maybe I´m a little younger then I think?

Well, yesterday an early birthday present arrived. A bottle of M. Micallef´s Gaiac (husband ordered from Aus Liebe Zum Duft last week). Ooooh, it smell so good! And yes, it´s a discrete kind of scent, but the sillage is more noticable when sprayed. I haven´t tried anything else from Micallef yet, but I don´t understand why their perfumes aren´t more talked about. But, it´s kind of nice to almost alone with a perfume, so please try perfumes from M. Micallef, but leave Gaiac alone! *only kidding*

My youngest daughter bought a pop-magazine yesterady, and got a sample of something called So...? Eternal. She hated it, she think it smells like everything else and very boring. She´s only 12 years old, but prefer perfumes from Annick Goutal, Comptoir Sud Pacific (Vanille Mocca from Jackie D is awesom according to the daughter), she love perfume oils with anything vanilly in and also Tocade (all my daughters love Tocade). She recognize the perfumes I use the most, -Ooooh, mum you smell so good in Ambre Sultan/ Carnal Flower/ Aomassai/ Nude Musk etc. She learns easily and seem to have a good olfactory sense, she may be a perfumista at 18. Funny in one way, but also a bit sad, since she will never like to borrow some spray of the latest Britney Spears perfume from her best friend before the school disco.

Well, on friday it´s my birthday for real, if me and the dog doesn´t stumble upon any other worm hole...

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