lördag 19 september 2009

Les Nereides - Imperial Opoponax

Well, I promised a review and here it is. Les Nereides perfume Imperial Opoponax is a perfume that I have got troubble to get to know. Not that I don´t like it, but I am having problems describing it.

The first time I tried it I was quite confused, the top notes are something really different. They make me both repelled and delighted. I couldn´t decide if I thought it smelled bad or good. Honestly, I still haven´t decided if I like the top notes or not.

The top notes smells like chlorined swiming pool to me. Maybe swiming pool doesn´t really smell bad, but it has some kind of pungent, hightuned scent. And something like that it was Imperial Opoponax smells on me. Anyway, Imperial Opoponax smells so much more than swiming pool, there are notes of orange, wood, spices and well... swiming pool...

Imagine a big swiming pool filled with some kind of liquid wood and top it with some spritzy, sweet orange. A scent both warm and cold at the same time, and really, Imperial Opoponax is hard to nail down. I can´t say I think of it as complex tough, I find it to be quite simple even if the base notes differs a lot from the top notes. From top to base it evolve from something wet, pungent and crispy to something warm, soft and powdery.

Imperial Opoponax is strange. On me it never becomes so sweet, but on some it becomes almost gourmand. On me, it´s more like a golden, fragrant wooden powder. Imperial Opoponaxz also make me think of tigers, the typical chinese one´s that is. Maybe in some way, it remind me of tiger balm?

Imperial Opoponax is perfect this time of year in my opinion, it isn´t really one of my biggest favourites, even tough I wouldn´t like to be without it. Sillage and staying power is excellent. For some reason I belive that the other perfumes from Les Nereides isn´t that interesting, but maybe I´m wrong? Please suggest any of their other perfumes if you think I shouldn´t miss it.

Pic: Oriental outpost

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