onsdag 23 september 2009

First birthday of the blog.

It´s a lot of birthdays this time of year for me. My own birthday, my oldest son, my brother and my sister in law, my oldest daughter in only a coupple of weeks and also the dog will have her first birthday in only a week. Well, this is about the blogs first birthday.

Who shall be celebrated when a blog have been going for a year? The blog itself couldn´t care less. Shall I celebrate myself, faithfully writing trough thick and thin? Well maybe, even tough I mostly have enjoyed it. No, really, I think the one´s to celebrate is the readers of my blog. What about a blog with no readers?

I remember how happy, but at the same time a little shy I was when the first comments started to occur. And now I have, as it seems a small, but faithful circle of readers and it´s so much fun. OK, it´s not at all the most read blog in Sweden, but at least read and I hope also, appreciated by other perfume lovers.

The swedish version gets quite a lot comments, or at least 4-5-6 comments on one post is much to me! Nothing, of course, compared to the hundreds of comments they recived at Now Smell This, but four comments are much worth for me. Appearantly the readers of the english blog is much shyer than the swedish, I don´t understand why, cause (thanks to live-feed) I can see I´ve got visitors! So you english readers, please leave a comment once in a while, it´s really, really appreciated by me.

It´s difficult to write a blog without being personal, I suspect the readers of a blog want´s to have a certain feeling for the person behind the blog, at least to some point. No, I would never dream about start writing about family argues or money troubble, drunken teenagers or evil relatives, even tough, of course I have problems now and then as everybody else. It´s a perfume blog, not a personal diary on the net. For me it´s about showing some glimses of my love, without being to sleazy or private.

Bu now, most of you have realised that I live in q quite lively household, with husband, kids and a dog, and quite a share of over night guests from here and there. Yesterday was one of those happy and lively days, the oldest son stopped by and telling me that I am going to become a grandmother!!! Oooooh, so much fun! I am really looking forward to have little one a little closer, since my other little sweetheart is all away in Örebro. Anyway, grandchild number two isn´t to arrive until late april or even may, so I have some time to waiting and longing.

We have started to re-decorate our living room, when the middle daugher decided to get back home agian, after a short stop in Sundsvall. The room her boyfriend rents doesn´t allove two people living in it. So she´s of course kind of sad, but I´m sure she´ll fix it someway.

Kind of a mess, huh? Maybe, we´re kind of a messy family, but usually a very happy, messy one!

Right now I´m surrounded bu a cloud of Aomassai, one of my big autumn favourites, maybe it´s about time to get a big bottle of it? But still, I´ve got a decant of it, while other favourites from Parfumerie Generale are soon gone.

Oh well, how shall I celebrate my blog readers? I guess I arrange a little drawing. Now I have run out of 1 ml short sample vials, so I have to order new one´s. I will do that as soon as possible, but the shipping might take some weeks. Before I´ve got the vials I can´t send the price.

It will be three winners and the first will win:
Deacanted 1 ml samples of:
Hermesence Ambre Narguile
M. Micallef Gaiac
Korres Pepper Jasmine Gaiac Wood Passion Fruit
Comme des Garcon Orginal och 3
José Eisenberg J'Ose EdP, J'Ose EdT (Herr), Back To Paris, Rouge & Noir och I am.
I can also decant from the following if you´re interested: Opium Crepe de Chine, Burberry Brit Red, L de Lolita Lempicka, Ivoire de Balmain, Red Moscow, Diors Hypnotic Poison, My own perfume from My Parfuem.com, Ava Luxe Nude Musk and Scent Intense av Costume National,
If you´re not interested in some of the one´s above, just let me know.

The winner will also receive:

Original samples from (all of them slightly tested):
Etat Libre D'Orange: Je suis un Homme, Encens & Bubbelgum, Secretion Magnifique, Eloge du Traitre and Antihero. Calé Fragranze D'Autore: Assolo and Dolce Riso. Egofacto: Prends Garde A Toi.

Second and third will get:
M. Micallef Gaiac, Korres Pepper Jasmine Gaiac Wood Passion Fruit, Comme des Garcons Orginal and 3, José Eisenberg J'Ose EdP, J'Ose EdT, Back To Paris and Rouge & Noir. Also, just let me know if you´re interested in some of the other decanted by me, above.

How to be included in the draw? Just leave a comment. I will draw randomly three of the names, the one that I draw first will get the first price and so on. The drawing is for both the swedish and english blog, so you´re chanses to win would not get better if you leave comments on both the blogs. One chanse per person. I hope this is clear enough. I will send international. I will announse the winner next wednesday here at the blog. Then the winners will have to leave name and adress to my mail.

Good Luck to you and thank you so much for this year!

Pic: Gift boxes USA

6 kommentarer:

  1. Happy birthday! :) Hope your blog brings your more joy in years to come.

  2. Congratulations from a (shy but) faithful reader, on your blog's first birthday and on the forthcoming arrival of grand-child number two — I'm in "baby mood" as well, as my sister-in-law second child is expected in the next few days! Yay!. ;-)

    Best wishes,

  3. Well, happy, happy birthday all around!! And I must say I just started reading your blog and love your writing very much! My family is from Norway but moved me to the states when I was a wee-babe. I've been back many times and have been to Sweden a few times as well. Can't speak the language to save my life but I love the country, the people, the culture. One of the most beautiful parts of the world I've seen....Anywho! Please enter me in the draw but more importantly keep writing your inspiring entries!!

  4. Ines: Thank you. :) And I hope that too.

    You´re included in the draw.

  5. flannelman: Thank you, I know you hang around and I am also not that good to comment on blogs all the time.

    I will include you in the draw.

  6. Kaylina: Thank you. Yes, Norway is a very, very beautiful country, Sweden is nice too, but when it comes to the nature I think Norway is No 1. But the food is sooooo much better in Sweden! ;)

    Of course you´re included in the draw.