söndag 6 september 2009

The four seasons.

Now it´s autumn. Finally! Yes, I like the autumn. If someone had asked me ten years ago, I would have chosed autumn as my favourite season. I still like autumn, but now I have learns to like spring and summer as well. What about winter? Well, honestly I am not much of a winter person, the winter is easier to put up with in the middle parts of Sweden where I live now than in norther Sweden, but still I don´t like it. To stay inside, make it cozy, lighting candles and looking forward to Christmas is ok, but that cold, wet and dark outside... noooo.

If I consider my perfume interest when thinking about the seasons, autumn is among the best. In the end of august or beginning of september I can start consider those dark, heavy and spicy kind of perfumes again. I put on a soft sweater before I walk the dog, lighting tealights, start buying bathbombs and massage oil again and also wrap my self up in cozy, soft and warm autumn scents.

Serge Lutens offers a lot of autumn favourites, Borneo 1834, Douce Amere, Fumerie Turque, Arabie, Musc Koublai Khan and of course Ambre Sultan.

The bottle of Gaiac I´ve got is perfect during autumn as well as Feminite Du Bois. Le Labo Labdanum 18 oooh yes! And 1000 Kisses Deep from Be Never Too Busy To Be Beutiful.

Different kinds of warm, spicy perfume oils works well during autumn.

Amber, plum, cinnamon, patchouli, wood and vanilla. But I notice I´m not really into gourmand perfumes yet.

Right now I am wearing a quite unknown perfume, O Alquimista from Parfums d'Imperfection. It isn´t at all bad, strong, spicy and warm. Notes of plum, amber, tobacco and rose. Of course it´s inspired by Paulo Coelhos book The Alchemist. At first it remind a little of Serge Lutens Arabie, but after a while it become both lighter and heavier at the same time. The tobacco in it is really, really powerfull and I think it works well on both men and women. Really longlasting and a huge sillage. I think I will use my little sample a lot now.

Tauer´s L'Air du Desert Marocain is also perfect during autumn.

Warm, spicy and radiant scents with rose is also great now.

Do you have any autumn-favourites? And some you would like to recommend? By the way, what are your favourite-season?

My birthday was quite soft, we had a palt-dinner (north swedish special dish) and I´ve got a small icon from my daughter and a big Salvador Dali reproduction from my brother. :)

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