torsdag 17 september 2009

Etro - Messe de Minuit

There´s no doubt about that the autumn is here. The trees are shifting colours and the days are clear and sunny, but the nights are really cold. It´s about time to find the kids mittens so their fingers doesn´t get ice cold when they´re biking to school.

The autumn fill me with energy to change and re-arrange things. I am all about starting new porjects, work with my hands and change a lot of different things. It was this close I made a radical haircut in front of the bathroom mirror the other day, but regret it in the last minuit. But I do need a new haircut, but I´m not sure of what kind? Maybe it´s time for me to visit a hairdresser for the first time since I moved to Nyköping?

Well, if I can´t change myself, I can change other things. The living room is what I start with. The middle daughter have sleeped there during summer and the whole house has been like a kind of motel, but now things seem to be calm for a while. We have sawed to book shelfs off in the middle, I will colour some textiles and sewing new pillow cases, change curtains and a lot of other little things.

Wich perfumes fits during this period? Well, I want woody, smoky, ambery but still soft perfumes right now. Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan fits well as usual. But otherwise I have quite new one that fits perfect right now, namely Etro´s Messe de Minuit. It´s a renowned and well-liked incense scent, and I can understand why.

A lot of perfumes with incense become either a little to spicy and strong or a little to grey and dusty. Messe de Minuit doesn´t. Apart from lingreing notes of incense it´s kind of sweet. Actually there is something in it reminding me of cocacola. For me that´s a good thing, it´s more like a glass of cold cocacola filled with ice cubes than a sticky poddle of coke on the floor.

Well, I´ve tested a lot of more complex, strong, spicy and maybe interesting incense perfumes, but Messe de Minuit succed to be both calming and uplifting at the same time. I even think it´s help me to focus a little better, and that´s a thing I need help with for sure.

Apart from incense and coke, there´s a note of wood reminding of fresh sawdust and notes of warm spices I think I can smell a little nutmeg and cinnamon. Shortly speaking, Messe de Minuit sould fit even people normally not so found of incense scents. Messe de Minuit is something so unusual as a happy, cherful incense scent that doesn´t take itself to serious.

It´s an eau de toilette, so it isn´t that longlasting, only a coupple of hours. But the sillage is impressing, considering I only dabbed on some tiny drops since my sample was half empty from the beginning. Yes, usually I am quite optimistic, but it wasn´t really much left in this sample. And now I think it´s only enough to wear it one more time. Uhum, I need more of it I think.

Tomorrow I will hopefully have time to write about another perfect autumn-and renovating scent, but until then I really have to go and put the books in the shelfs.

Anyway, wich is your incense favourit perfume?


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  1. I love Messe De Minuit!! It's simple gorgeous, and with great sillage!! I have the "old" Eau de Cologne 100 ml bottle, I don't know about the new Eau de Toilette...

    The "old" one, is simple breathtaking on my skin.. Orange, honey, labdanum, cinnamon, myrrh, incense, vanilla


  2. Marie: Oh hello Marie, I haven´t seen your comment until now.

    Yes, Messe de Minuit is really, really nice and I think I will nedd more of it soon...