fredag 27 mars 2009

To write about perfume...

... is like dancing about architecture, the founders of Le Labo is supposed to have said. Well, I agree with them to some point, but not totally, then of course I wouldn´t have a perfume blog. It is a lot about having contact with emotions, memories and imagination and to have the possibility to verbalise what you experience. Some perfumes insantly fill me with associations, others smells good, but without touching me. Some perfumes embraces you with open arms and others tend to be a little withdrawn, but can be much more interesting as soon as you got a grip.
Others again can have a note somewhere that dosn´t match the rest of the perfume, there is something in it that disturb the whole thing, as much as it would be if one musician in an orchester played another melody than the rest!
And there is perfumes that are so different from most other perfumes, that I immediatly start to think if the perfumer maybe is lefthanded or maybe have a big talent for mathematics? Hmm, do such thing´s really matter? Yes, I belive so. I once take a course in creative writing and one of the girls was studying mathematics, all the rest was studying social sciences or humanistic sciences. The mathematic girl wrote totally different than the rest, maybe not better, but very different. Therefore I once in a while suspect a certain perfumer to be really mathematicly talented!
Some perfumes have some similarities with the perfumers other perfumes, like a common denominator or like a serie to be continued. And there is also certain in house-notes, recognised from perfume to perfume from one and the same perfume house.
Yes, one can sure write about perfume, even tough it is only one way to interpret and understand perfumes. It is sure one of the easiest ways, if you want to share your perfume experiences with others. But I also think that a musical talented could interpret a perfume to music or an artist to a painting or maybe the other way around as well...
Why should we limit our experiences if it isn´t necesarry? Saying a perfume is only a scented experience isn´t enough for me. A strong music experience is so much more than just a hearing experience, right?
It may sound like above par for a newbie perfumista that having problems to find words to match what you experiences and feels when you smell a perfume. To learn the difference between notes can be very challenging at first and to recognise similarities as well. But it is very much about training, the more perfumes that passes your nose, the better you will be to experience them.
The disadvantage with a trained sence of smell is of course that perfumes considered as a masterpiece a year ago, would be only 3+ now. And perfumes I didn´t appriciated a year ago is now the masterpieces!

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