måndag 23 mars 2009

Weekend happenings.

It has been a quite intense weekend in the house, my little brother come to visit us, unfortunatly my husband worked. But at least the oldest son also stopped by and we had some absinthe shots and discussions in the kitchen.

On sunday the sons new girlfriend come to visit for the first time. We had dinner and familiarise a little, I couldn´t resist showing my perfume collection. I guess she could understand it, since she have a big collection of shoes! I even get the oppurtunity to spray some Anglomania on her.

My brother went back to Stockholm and meetings, but I strengthed him with some Zafferano from Odori, it looked like he could need it.

Otherwise, the monday started with an express delivery right after the kids was off to school, still in the robe I have to sign a package. O o o so exciting and what a surprise! I huess you already have figuring out that it was perfumes, but I won´t tell you wich yet.

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