lördag 14 mars 2009

Keiko Mecheri - Loukhoum

Turkish delight, or loukhoum as it is also called, is almost the sweetest thing you can eat. It´s so sweat it´s almost ache in the teaths after eating a whole package, or almost a whole package, of it. For some reason turkish delight is that kind of thing that I really don´t like, but still can´t stop eating when I have started eating. And after all, turkish delight is beautiful to look at with it´s pink transparence covered with the lightest powder sugar.
Keiko Mecheri´s Loukhoum is among the pinkest perfumes I know off. Perfumes often have a colour in my imagination. There are warm red, golden and watery blue perfumes and as the case with Loukhoum, very beautiful, pretty and girly pink. Honestly my collection dosn´t have many other "pink" perfumes, anything slighly pink use to end up with my middle daughter that is a very pink person. But Keiko Mecheri´s Loukhoum is "pink" in a way that works on me! OK, it might work even better on my middle daughter, but still I like it a lot.
Yes, it is sweet, but on me never too sweet. The rose, almond and vanilla has a nice transparence and the little, discrete musk is finishing it of very nicely. Loukhoum is a sultry and sensual perfume. Two drops is enough -in my imagination- to make me to the sultan´s favourite dressed in golden embroided harem trousers and a sequin top, comfortably seated on thick velvet pillows. Two drops of Loukhoum is more than enough, this is strong stuff, it can easily become to much. And it is amazingly longlasting, the two drops lasts for hours and hours.
I know there are many perfumes that interprets turkish delight, but this far Keiko Mecheri´s Loukhoum is the only one I have tried.

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