tisdag 24 mars 2009

Guerlain - Insolence EdP

I have a childish excitement for kaleidoscopes. Patterns that repeats and also changes in eternity makes me extremly fascinated. If it wasn´t for the fact that I´m allready collect perfumes, maybe I could collect kaleidoscopes? But, at least I own one kaleidoscope, even tough I don´t look in it that often. A perfect occation to look in the kaleidoscope would be when I try Guerlain´s Insolence EdP. Insolence is one of my latest crush in perfume. I am so thrilled about it, that I probably will buy me a bottle of it soon. The price level is higher than the usual discount perfumes, but still not as much as pricy niche perfumes. The quality is absolutly worth about 35 euro for a 30 ml bottle.
Once again Maurice Roucel is involved in a perfume that I immediately likes a lot. I like a lot of works from different perfumers, but Maurice Roucel is, in my nose, outstanding. To try all the perfumes he has done, becomes a bit like buying all the records with a favourite artist.
Insolence is a warm, sweet and kind of solid, and yes, heavy perfume. I happen to enjoy heavy perfumes, so for me the heaviness in Insolence isn´t a problem, maybe Insolence EdT is lighter, but I haven´t tried it. And everything I write is about Insolence EdP, nothing else.
Insolence starts with a sunwarmt, almost jammy sweetness from ripe berries. I smell blackberry, raspberry and black currant. Blackberries can have a very perfumed smell in perfumes, and that isn´t maybe so strange, but I am usually not so found of that. Berries in perfumes unfortunatly seldom smells like real berries, and that´s kind of sad. In Insolence the smell of berries is more natural, but also much bigger, concrete and sensual. Once again Maurice manage to make something smell so big that I feel like a small manikin. In this phase I think it´s possible to feel that the perfume wears you instead of the other way around, but just wait a little moment. Soon there is a warm, creamy and sweet violet scent, accompanied by something that smells like caramel, vanilly, oriental and rich sweetness. This create a feeling of the perfume flowering, develops and changes on my skin. After a while the berries return, but lighter, and here comes a slightly smoky fragrance as well, is it a smoky vanilla or clean insence? The iris chill it down a little, a contribute with new colours, patterns and shapes... Yes, Insolence is wonderful, changing and blooming on my skin.
The base in Insolence I experiences as very concrete, precence and kind of grounded, at the same times there is notes in it that is very abstract and fleeting. Just as with a kaleidoscope, the form is given, but the details is constantly changing. Do I dare to say how much I like it? Yes, I know I allredy likes a lot of perfumes this much! But Insolence is qualified to enter that group with ease.
Despite of berries and sweetness I think Insolence is a very sofisticated perfume. It is demanding and want´s to be worn at night together with beautiful clothes. Don´t offend it by wearing it with thorn jeans and washed out t-shirts, or maybe it is then you need Insolence the most? But it is actually a real gala-perfume, once again a beautiful diva that I fell in love with. When it comes to perfumes, I am as unpractical as when it comes to clothes, I tend to fell in love with the dramatic, original and -for casual occations- hard to wear.

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